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This Parents’ Day, you deserve a break! Here’s 45% off on premium protection

At FamilyTime, we are all about the parents. Our main aim is to help parents as best we can to keep an eye on their children and their use of digital devices. That’s why Parents’ Day is like Christmas for us! It’s a whole day dedicated to the very people we aim to serve. As […]

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Let’s be free this Independence Day with 30% off on premium protection

Independence Day is right around the corner, and as always, we’re doing something big to mark the occasion. While we all love to see fireworks during Independence Day celebrations, no one likes too many fireworks when it comes to their kids and their lives. That’s where FamilyTime comes in. While we’re all celebrating Independence, we […]

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Get a Father’s Day Gift from FamilyTime with 30% off on premium protection

A father has many responsibilities but we can all agree that the number one responsibility any father has is to keep their children safe. We go through such lengths to keep our children safe. From baby proofing the house when they’re toddlers to creating a set of rules for them to keep them safe when […]

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The FamilyTime App makes the news yet again! Plus details on game-changing new internet filtering features.

We’ve been having a really good May here at FamilyTime. We were recently featured on BBC News for the fact that a school in the UK has chosen to use FamilyTime on their student’s phones to ensure they are not distracted during school hours. That was a big win for us and something we are […]

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Celebrate Mother’s Day with 30% off on FamilyTime’s premium protection

Among the millions of things that a mother has to worry about, our children’s safety is no doubt at the top of the list. This Mother’s Day, we’re going to try and give every mother the peace of mind they deserve. Rather than worrying about where your children are and what they’re up to, you […]

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