Make FamilyTime Fun this New Year with These Genius Hacks

Dec 29, 2021 | What's New

Holidays are the perfect time to get creative. Most of everyone makes an effort to think up newer, more effective ways to keep their families preoccupied doing something fun together.

When children are little, it usually befalls parents to somehow engage them in activities that they would enjoy enough to not think about their electronic devices and await online gaming scores. 


That said, not an easy task, at all. Getting children to give up excessive holiday screen time has proven itself to be a harder task than toilet training a cat, which is why we have FamilyTime.

FamilyTime offers all the options necessary for parents to remain updated regarding their children and make sure they are safe and protected at all times. FamilyTime also literally allows for quality family time by letting parents lock their children’s electronic devices remotely.

Control their Digital Presence

With the use of the screen time feature available through FamilyTime, parents can limit the amount of time their children spend online. However, to keep them engaged offline, there has to be some sort of creative opportunity that a) keeps them immersed and b) lets them have fun meanwhile.

The Importance of Family

Here is a list of suggestions as to what options can be presented to the kids as fun alternatives, but be warned as these will only truly be fun if partook in as a family. 

The absence of even one of the parents during holiday times can be quite damaging especially if they remain in and out of the child’s life. So, take this time to gather up the family and come together to celebrate even if it is for the sake of the kids.

Some Fun Offline Alternatives 

  1. Make paper fortune cookies together. Or bake real ones, whichever you would be more comfortable with as a parent.
  2. Try to find some innovative yet productive resolutions for New Year and make sure you stick to them so as to lead by example and ensure your kids do the same. Learning through modeling is discussed over and over in child psychology because of its unmistakable effects on the behaviors and personalities of children.
  3. Try learning origami and doing a challenge with your kids. Make sure to laugh at the mistakes and enjoy the process. Make winning at it fun but make losing look hilarious too.
  4. Try having some theme park-style fun at home by setting up a big trampoline. Don’t just set it up though, get on it with the kids. Jump higher and laugh as you fall back. Sometimes it is good to bring out your inner child while you play with the kids.
  5. Playing reminds me, how about some playdough and slime to have fun with, indoors as it gets chilly outside over the holidays.
  6. Play board games. Have a scrabble party and invite the neighborhood children over. While the children play and learn and have fun with the alphabet tiles simultaneously, parents can either join them or watch over to ensure there is no cheating as they share drinks.
  7. If you are a family that cherishes their memories and treasures nostalgic vibes, then make a time capsule to be opened after a decade or two. For instance, if your eldest child is 5, make a time capsule to be opened in the year they will turn 18 or be opened when the youngest one turns 20 or so.

Make them write down their hopes and dreams or even a positive message they would like to give to their future self. Then, several years later when the time capsule is opened, they would be glad you made them do it. 

The Bottom Line

If none of this resonates, do whatever resonates with you and your family. The point is to have as much fun together as you can and make the greatest of memories together. So, don’t wait on the perfect suggestion or the perfect moment. 

Just do something you find delightful and make the best out of your holidays. 

Have a happy new year!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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