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Holidays are one of those rare moments when we can enjoy the warmth of the hearth and spend time with our family without hurry. Christmas evening is a great opportunity to show your loved ones how much they mean to us. Try our proven ways to spend Christmas Eve with your loved ones!

Soothing sounds of melodies of well-known carols, the aroma of spicy pastries, shouts of joy when opening Christmas gifts – in fact, the most pleasant attractions of Christmas Eve begin right after the gala dinner. When the delicious dishes disappear from the plates, we can finally be together and enjoy the mutual closeness that we miss so much every day. During this special family time, it is worth “going into holiday mode” – put down the laptop, turn off the phone and remember all the activities that we had so much fun in when we were kids.

What does the research say?

Several studies show that Christmas values ​​are perceived differently in different regions of the world. For older generations, the most important thing is planning and meticulous preparations for the holidays, as well as the atmosphere of closeness at the Christmas table. Older people also attach importance to traditions and festive rituals, which can be boring for younger participants. Generation Z (people born after 1990) does not like conventions – young people prefer to approach Christmas spontaneously and enjoy the moment. The smartphone is their attribute at the Christmas table – they take pictures with it, check what’s up with friends, spend time browsing social media during boring conversations with other family members. Older generations have no problem with turning off the phone and focusing on family relationships at the Christmas Eve table, but for younger household members, going offline during the holidays can be a big challenge. Using a telephone is not conducive to establishing intergenerational bonds. Fortunately, all surveyed groups declare that they would like to take up the smartphone challenge and put it off until Christmas.

An important tip here for parents is to use the parental control app such as FamilyTime and put a remote lock on their kids’ devices so they can pull all their attention to the Christmas celebrations. The app works not only with the screen time management of kids but for many other parental controls too. To give this app a free trial now, hit the links given below:

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But if not a smartphone, then what? How can we keep kids busy and pull their attention? See below a list of activities for your family. These are enough to give your family moments a unique character! So, turn off the phone and…

  1. Hear what your loved ones say

In our daily run, we usually don’t have enough time for long conversations with our loved ones. Occasional contacts with the family result in the fact that, unfortunately, we begin to gradually separate from each other. The holidays are a great opportunity to catch up on these relationships. Put your laptop down, mute your phone, and let your loved ones talk. By listening, you show that they are important to you and that you are interested in their lives. Remember that Christmas Eve is an evening of giving yourself to others, so try to patiently listen to your sister’s confessions about her new relationship, your son’s likings, and grandma’s complaints about rheumatic pains. They need your attention – it’s so little, and it can do so much good.

  1. Check out old albums

It’s hard to believe that this twenty-year-old hunk with a moustache is your grandfather, and that plump toddler with a big bow on his head is a mom at the age of two! It can be a lot of fun to see old photos together on Christmas Eve! Yellowed photographs usually make their relatives tell fascinating stories about their youth. We bet some of your family stories are ready-made for an immersive movie!

  1. Carol

In the past, singing Christmas carols was an element of every Christmas Eve. Today we listen to Christmas tunes on the radio. However, it is worth reviving this forgotten tradition, because family carolling is great fun and a great way to strengthen relationships with loved ones. Don’t worry if your top tones don’t match the Mariah Carey key – it’s not about your vocal skills, but that you sing together and uphold one of the most beautiful Christmas traditions.

  1. Organize a family movie show

Christmas movies will never stop amusing us! It doesn’t matter that we know each scene by heart. Returning to the history of Rudolf’s reindeer and Kevin’s adventures is already part of the Christmas tradition that significantly influences the holiday mood. When you have unwrapped your gifts and eaten the poppy seed cake, gather at the TV screen and enjoy the screening of the film in a multigenerational group.

  1. Go for a walk

Holidays do not have to mean sitting at the table for hours. If you and your loved ones like to spend time actively, go for a long walk after the grand dinner. Along the way, you can admire wonderful Christmas decorations and enjoy each other’s presence. The frosty air will surely whet your appetite for a cup of hot chocolate and a portion of Christmas cake!

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