What is Clubhouse App? Is it safe for Kids?

Aug 18, 2022 | What's New

If you go down memory lane, you will probably recall the fond memories of hanging out with friends in a secret place, like a clubhouse. Kids of the modern age do the same thing, but they do it digitally. You may have heard your kids mention the Clubhouse App. It is the latest rage for kids, teens, tweens, and even adults. 

Though kids love following all the latest trends, parents must know whether they should let their kids go with the flow. Parents worldwide have been raising various safety concerns regarding this app and seeking coping mechanisms to solve this issue. It is time to look into what it is and whether you should allow kids to use it.

What Is the Clubhouse App?

It is one of the latest in the long line of social media platforms to gain popularity among the masses. The Clubhouse app offers only audio conversations. It is an amalgam of a podcast and a group phone call. It was first released in April 2020 amid the COIVD-19 pandemic and aimed to reduce the loneliness of social isolation.

How Does It Work?

The clubhouse app enables people to voice their opinions on just about anything. Speakers can create Rooms with different topics of discussion and invite listeners from their contacts list to join their conversation. Guests can drop in and out of any Room based on their interests and say whatever they want. But the question remains. Is it safe for kids to use?

Is it Safe for Kids?

Is it safe for kids, teens, or tweens? The answer is. No, it isn’t! Countless celebrities and influencers use it, which is quite alluring for kids and adults who are their fans. So, you might be wondering. If it is only an audio-based platform that offers opportunities to voice your opinions, why isn’t it safe then? That is because it poses various dangers for kids and adults alike.

Dangers Posed by the Clubhouse App

Here is a list of why the clubhouse app is not safe for kids, teens, tweens, and even adults to use.

  • No Age Verification & Inappropriate Content 

Since the app requires no verification of its users’ age, anyone can sign up and use it freely. The topics of discussion on this app literally range from anything to everything. That is why kids may come across inappropriate content quite easily. Kids may get exposed to content on topics; like cybercrimes, gambling, pornography, violence, substance abuse, and more.

  • Uncensored Discussions and Bullying

Since all the discussions on this platform are uncensored, there is a high possibility of heated arguments that may lead to problems like the use of profane language, racial slurs, bullying, etc.

  • Opinions and Misinformation

The clubhouse app is all about providing opportunities to voice one’s opinion. Therefore, at a place where everyone can speak their mind, misinformation is a highly likely phenomenon to occur.

  • Lack of Privacy

Another issue with this app is that it doesn’t allow users to make private accounts. The only semblance of privacy is that speakers can create private Rooms. However, listeners can otherwise enter and leave any audio chatroom they want.

With problems like these surfacing worldwide, countless parents feel uneasy and want to prevent their kids from using the clubhouse app. Other than educating kids about social media safety, let’s look at how you can prevent them from using this app.

How Parents Can Prevent Kids from Using It?

Technology (as a tool) cannot be blamed for how others use it. As long as such apps exist, people will try their best to counter threats posed by these apps too. One such example is the industry of parental control apps. Apps like FamilyTime offer viable and impressive solutions for parents who wish to prevent their kids from using unsafe apps.

FamilyTime offers App Blocker that allows parents to block all unsafe apps (like the clubhouse app) on their kids’ devices. With FamilyTime in their corner, parents can manage their kids’ devices remotely. FamilyTime is a versatile app with countless solutions, from blocking inappropriate apps and content to reducing screen time to keeping teens safe on the road. Interesting, right? You can sign up and avail its 3-day free trial and prevent kids from unforeseen dangers of the digital world.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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