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Easter discount sale


Easter Egg Hunting is a Fun Activity! Haven’t you allowed your kids to go after Easter egg hunting yet? It’s time, for it. Allow your kids to move freely not just around your house, but down the street and in neighbouring areas too, leaving aside their safety concerns. Because, to help you assure that, FamilyTime […]

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9 Tech Gifts and Gadgets for Kids Worth Considering on Black Friday

Black Friday is just around the corner and everyone will be hunting for the frugal deals. From laptops to smartphones and clothing to gadgets, everything will be offered for a discounted price.  As much adults, kids are also excited about the big shopping event. Kids usually wait all year long to convince their parents to […]

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The FamilyTime Black Friday sale is on right now!

It’s that time of the year when it’s time to fill up your physical and virtual carts with all the greatest Black Friday deals. While you’re browsing the isles for the best deals, don’t forget to keep your children safe with the best device monitoring and control features available. That’s why we’ve put up our […]

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Chase away your fears this Halloween! FamilyTime is giving you a massive 30% off on premium protection

The scariest time of the year is extra scary for parents. While our kids are having a blast with their friends tricking or treating around the neighborhood, we are sat at home worrying if they’re okay. At FamilyTime, we’re always looking at the days of the year that we as parents worry the most and […]

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