Celebrate Father’s Day in Stride with FamilyTime’s Biggest Sale This Year!

Jun 17, 2022 | Parental Controls, What's New

All fathers are heroes, protectors, compassionate, and full of everlasting love! They shield their kids from the harsh realities of life and nurture them with the warmth of their love. Kids look up to their fathers, aspire to walk in their footsteps, and seek their approval. Today, we thank all fathers for their dedication to providing their kids with confidence, comfort, and never-ending support.

Undoubtedly, every father’s utmost dream is to guard their kids against the dangers of this world. FamilyTime is here to provide you with the means to turn this dream into a reality!

FamilyTime’s Biggest Father’s Day Sale of The Year is here! Let us celebrate Father’s Day in stride, with a flat 30% off on all premium packages.

Are you curious to know what you will get with FamilyTime’s offer? Stay with us and find out.

The Latest Premium Safety Features at Your Fingertips!

FamilyTime is devoted to furnishing parents with the best and state-of-the-art parental controls so that they may put their fears to rest and get some peace of mind. This app has all the security features parents may need to safeguard their kids and monitor their devices. Let us look at some of the features offered by FamilyTime and how they can help protect your kids.

1 – App Blocker

Does the thought of your kid using inappropriate apps keep you up at night? You can easily block any app you deem unfit for your kids with FamilyTime’s App Blocker feature. Use the parental control hub on your device and add the app to your blocklist by simply tapping a button.

2 – Internet Filter & Schedule

Do you wish to give your kids a safer online experience by blocking their access to indecent and malicious content on the internet? FamilyTime allows you to disable access to websites, images, videos, and specific information based on a blocklist of keywords. You may enable the SafeSearch option to ensure that your kids do not come across anything indecent altogether. Moreover, parents can cut off internet access at the time of their choosing.

3 – SOS/Panic Button

Do you want to rescue your kids in emergencies immediately? Well, you can! All kids get access to an SOS/Panic Button that they may press to alert parents of their location in emergencies.

4 – Limit & Schedule Screen Time

We live in an era of technology where we find screens all around us. Naturally, parents worry about their kids’ unhealthy screen times on social media apps such as Snapchat, TikTok, etc. FamilyTime provides you with a perfect solution. Parents may not only define how long their kids may watch their screens, but they may also decide what times their devices would remain accessible to them. Yes! With features such as BedTime, FamilyPause, FunTime, etc., parents may restrict access for kids to their devices during specific hours.

5 – Teen Safe Drive

Parents with teenagers, who have just learned to drive, can set specific speed limits for their kids. This feature ensures that teens employ safe driving practices. Parents receive instant alerts if teens cross over their designated speed limits.

6 – Location Tracking & Geofencing

Do you worry about your kids’ safety when they are out of sight? FamilyTime has the perfect solution for you. Parents receive real-time locations of their kids so they can be at ease. They may also cast a geofence by marking places to track their children’s movements. That helps them receive instant alerts when their kids check in and out of the geofenced places.

7 – Monitoring Calls & Text messages

This feature allows parents to remotely screen all calls and text messages their kids send or receive. Parents never have to touch their kids’ devices to find out details about all the conversations and calls they make, including names, numbers, times, and dates.

8 – App Usage Report

This one helps parents find out what apps their kids use the most and how much time they spend on each app. That allows them to adjust their kids’ routines accordingly.

9 – Watchlist Contacts

Do you want your kids to stay away from certain individuals? You can create a watchlist of contacts to ensure that your kids do not get contacted by those people.

10 – Pick-Me-Up Alerts

Are you a busy parent who forgets to pick up kids often? Whether you’re stuck in the office meetings or elsewhere, set reminders with the FamilyTime app and receive alerts when it is time to pick them up.

Hurry Up & Get More with FamilyTime!

Just so you know, the list of these mind-blowing features does not end here! So, hurry up and take advantage of the Father’s Day sale.

Get a flat 30% off on all premium packages without further ado! Check out the FamilyTime website to benefit from the full extent of its features and make it easy for yourself to monitor your kids.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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