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Can holiday games make December evenings and weekends even more fun? We say five times, yes! We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offers of board games that fit perfectly into the winter, Christmas atmosphere.

In this digital age, when kids stay glued to their tech devices and play games on their phones, it is important to unhook them all and make them sit together for a board game. This not only strengthens family bond ut also create fun memories. But how can we unhook kids? Well, it is simple if you have a parental control app such as FamilyTime installed on their devices. With the FamilyTime app, you can simply schedule auto screen locks on their devices or put a remote lock randomly at any time. With their devices locked, they’ll certainly focus on the board games you offer them. But what board games can be of their interest to? Read on to know more!

What board games? There is nothing like themed board games!

The time preceding Christmas Eve has magic in it that is great to share with your loved ones! We can undertake many activities at this time: decorate baubles together, glue chains, bake gingerbread. Sometimes, however, it is better for the little ones to take care of something themselves, so that the adults can clean the apartment in peace or … hide Christmas presents from the eyes of the little ones.

Therefore, Christmas games for children can turn out to be true allies when we want the little ones not to interfere with their Christmas preparations. After we deal with all our duties, we can also sit down at the board to put ourselves in the pre-Christmas mood and remember how we experienced Christmas ourselves as a child.

Therefore, Christmas games for children can turn out to be a wonderful Santa gift for the whole family and friends of the house. Held at the beginning of December, they can be a great opportunity for joyful meetings, not only at the festive table. If you don’t know any games with Santa, Christmas tree, or other Christmas themes, check out the ranking below. You will find five suggestions just in time for Christmas.

Christmas games for children – TOP 5 picks!

  1. Hasbro Monopoly Frozen 2

Here is a stunningly beautiful edition of the iconic Monopoly board game. It refers entirely to the hit movie Frozen 2 and is a perfect game for all kids who like the adventures of Elsa and her friends. In the Monopoly Frozen 2 board game, players travel around the board buying magical locations inspired by animated films. Property fields represent characteristic scenes and have different sets of colors. And this characteristic winter climate… A miracle!

  1. Mattel Scrabble Original

Scrabble is the most popular word game in the world. The classic version of the game consists in inventing related words and arranging them on the board using letter tiles of different values. Each player tries to get as many points as possible by arranging words in such a way as to use the value of the letters and bonus fields on the board. A game for kids 10+ and adults, and what’s more, it perfectly develops vocabulary and is a great way to spend free time with the family.

  1. Become Millionaires 

Become a millionaire is a dynamic game in which adults and children compete by answering questions. It is just like a popular game show where one of the participants answers fun and interesting questions on his way to becoming a millionaire. 

  1. Monopoly Super Electronic Banking

Monopoly Super Electronic Banking is another unique version of the cult game. Instead of paper notes, payment cards and a terminal are used to finalize the transaction. In addition, the game offers new interesting tasks and opportunities, such as obtaining additional rewards or traveling by plane around the board to exchange real estate. Monopoly Super Electronic Banking teaches not only economics and logical thinking but also shows the operation of modern payment methods.

  1. Crazy Knight

Crazy Knight is an arcade game for both soloists and the whole family!
In the box, you will find 20 maps from 4 different worlds, the title Crazy, a life counter, a progress indicator, and various types of obstacles that you will overcome while completing the mission. The object of the game is to complete all 20 maps during the Great Expedition or five maps from the selected world during the Small Expedition. Therefore, the game can be adapted to the level of dexterity and concentration ability of the players. The game offers a lot of commitment and laughter. The gameplay gets more exciting with each map! We have to avoid holes, chasms, dynamites, guards, and the Evil One waiting for our life. Fortunately, we can have as many as 8, depending on the chosen difficulty level of the game.

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