Happy Sister’s Day! They’re Like the Warmth of The Sun on Cold Rainy Days

Aug 7, 2022 | What's New

Sisters are like the warmth of the sun on cold rainy days! A strong sisterhood can help ground kids’ personalities and help them lead happier lives as adults. So, join FamilyTime in celebrating international sister’s day as we express our gratitude for having sisters we can lean on in times of trouble. 

A healthy sisterhood can only exist thanks to the parents. Let’s understand how they nurture this relationship for the better.

Role of Parents in Shaping Sisterhood

Indeed, parents play a pivotal role in fostering healthy sisterhood. All sibling relations are a mixture of friendship, rivalry, competition, loyalty, and more. How parents deal with siblings’ conflicts can make or break the sisters’ bond. 

Sisters grow closer when they accomplish tasks as a team. It reduces the chances of conflicts, improves their social skills, teaches them respect, and they get a friend for life! Parents who help their kids develop a powerful sisterly bond actually provide them with a lifelong confidant. 

On the auspicious sister’s day, let’s take a deeper dive into how sisters impact our lives for eternity.

How Sisters Impact Our Lives

Like FamilyTime’s safety features, sisters do their best to protect us from the cold and dark realities of the world. With sisters by our sides, we learn to appreciate the differences in others’ personalities, develop better social skills, know the meaning of loyalty and respect, and gain a buddy for life. 

Appreciating Differences in Personalities

We all have our own personas. Even twins are different in one way or another. While sisters may have countless things in common, they would certainly differ in some way. When sisters do most activities together as a team, they learn to appreciate the differences in each other’s personalities. It teaches them to step into the other person’s shoes and look at the world from their eyes. Therefore, they make us better human beings.

Enhancing Social Skills

Let this sister’s day remind us how precious this bond truly is. Sisters are always there for you. They lend you a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to heed your worries, and embrace you as you are. Kids with sisters have better social skills as opposed to only children. Sisters introduce you to a world of emotions – anger, sadness, joy, excitement, nervousness, and more. Having a sister also lessens kids’ dependence on screen time and technology because they get to enjoy each other’s company more. 

Teaching Loyalty and Respect

Sisters are loyal to a fault. Like FamilyTime, they shield you from harm and provide shelter in their embrace. Sisters keep your secrets, shower you with love, and show you how to be respectful. People who adore each other may still disagree and end up having an argument at times – that is just life. However, sisters play a key role in shaping the way we handle arguments and disagreements.

A Buddy for Life!

Let this sister’s day remind us of sisterhood as the unbreakable bond that we carry with us throughout our lives. Sisters give us strength when we need it the most. Having them in our lives means a roller coaster ride of emotions. But, it also means that we have a buddy for life.  

Sisters resemble the FamilyTime app in more ways than one. They safeguard us from others’ malice, look out for our well-being, reduce our screen time by keeping us company, and are always there for us when we need them. Let’s admire all the sisters across the globe for being a source of comfort, protection, love, and more.

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