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With the increasing trend of dating apps among teens, a rise in cyber-crimes is seen. Predators are looking for kids who can be easily manipulated and used as per their interests. Where there are a lot of dating apps, Tinder remains the most used app. People rely on it for meeting new people and making romantic relations. But, talking to strangers and then meeting them, don’t you find any problem here? Yes, there is. Because a lot of people are there to take advantage of the situation.

To teens, it is another way to thrill and adventure. They love to fit in somewhere where the newly emerging energies can fit in. they, at this stage, are exploring their sexualities, understanding how it feels to be in a romantic relationship and so, such platforms attract them. At the same time, they are at a stage of life where they would like to take the most risk-taking decisions. This means they do not consider the probability of danger in it. That’s why we see, most of the victims of cyberbullying are teenagers. FamilyTime parental control app has features that have been helping parents in protecting their children from such crimes.

Here you will know all about the recent survey we conducted to check how effective certain features of this app are. The results were shocking.

FamilyTime’s Contributions in Dealing with Cyber Threats

In June 2017, a father was able to protect his daughter from a sexual predator with the help of FamilyTime. The story was covered by many platforms including ‘Washington Post’. The administrative body decided to conduct surveys to check the effectiveness of certain features of this app. So, a survey on the usage of app controlling features was done and we got some shocking results. A few of the very important findings are here.

  • All of the parents were concerned particularly about the usage of dating apps by their kids
  • All of them were using FamilyTime to monitor their kids’ activities on different apps
  • They were satisfied with the extent of control that FamilyTime’s app monitoring features provide
  • Every 7 out of 10 parents saved their kids, at least once, from the cyber threats posed by dating apps
  • On a satisfaction scale of one to ten, most of them rated between 8 to 10 when their kids were using their phones while being connected through FamilyTime

The Survey Questionnaire

The survey was conducted in the form of an online questionnaire that requested to be filled by the parents using FamilyTime. The survey included short questions and options (that were different for different apps). For example, some of them were in a form of rating from 1 to 10 and others were yes or no. also, some of the answers had to be typed in one or a few words.

In short, they were simple questions with easy options so that parents do not have to spend a lot of time filling them. Also, we wanted to have as much parents’ feedback as possible. Well, the questionnaire consisted of 20 questions but we cannot disclose all of them here. So a few of the main questions are given below.

  1. Are you a full-time FamilyTime user?
  2. Are you an Android or an iOS user?
  3. How long have you been using FamilyTime?
  4. For how many of your kids do you use FamilyTime?
  5. Are your kids’ teenagers, or children, or both?
  6. What apps do your kids use the most?
  7. Which apps’ usage by your kids concerns you the most?
  8. How satisfied are you with the app monitoring features of FamilyTime?
  9. How many times have you been able to protect your kids from some serious cyber threat?
  10. What are you looking to have more in the features of the FamilyTime parental control app?

Overall, we were very happy and satisfied with the response of our users. Almost all of them responded with at least 80 percent answers. We are looking forward to conducting more such surveys to serve in the best interest of users.

What are FamilyTime’s Aims for Future?

First and foremost, we aim to maintain the quality of our features that are helping our users monitor their kids. Secondly, more such surveys will be conducted in the future to know what users think about services. This has and will help in improving our services. Some new features are already under testing. We aim to provide you more specs to maintain our status as the most feature-rich parental control app. If you have not used this app yet, believe me, it is going to change your parenting life. Try our free trial with all the premium features here.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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