Prioritize Kids’ Mental Wellbeing with Parental Control App

Oct 25, 2022 | Parental Controls

Protecting kids against threats of the modern-age digital world is no joke. Many parents seek answers to the same question. How do I protect my kids’ mental health? The answer lies in using parental controls in Android and iPhone apps. Let’s explore in detail what influences kids’ mental health.

Things That Influence Kids’ Mental Health Negatively

Modern-day kids are born in the era of screens. They begin consuming content as babies when they hear/watch songs, rhymes, cartoons, etc. Most kids under ten own a smartphone/tablet or share one with parents/siblings. On the other hand, teenagers ask for a personal Android or iPhone device to join the cool-kids club. 

The problems mainly arise when they accidentally stumble across inappropriate ads while watching YouTube or start playing violent games. Their mental health rapidly deteriorates when they develop unrealistic body standards/depression/anxiety/socially awkward behavior, and the like, all thanks to social media. Therefore, it is not surprising that parents seek parental controls of Android and iPhone apps to protect their kids from such threats. 

Here are a few things that deeply influence kids’ mental and physical health in more ways than one.

  • Excessive Use of Social Media

Excessive usage of social media apps brainwashes young minds into believing they must live luxuriously. Otherwise, they are not living a good life. The superfluous celebrity and influencer presence on these platforms with (apparently) chiseled bodies distorts their image of a healthy body appearance. 

Teens idolize these celebs and bend over backward to follow in their footsteps. Having such a mindset is unhealthy. It strips away kids’ innocence and shoves them into the race to look the prettiest/best.

  • Threats from the Cyber World

Indeed, social media apps and the internet have turned the world into a global village by connecting people across the globe. However, one cannot turn a blind eye to its dark side either. Social media owes its widespread presence to the extensive internet availability and access worldwide. 

To that extent, anyone can hop on the social media train. Unfortunately, most social media platforms act as breeding grounds for cyber criminals who commit horrendous acts, such as online grooming, catfishing, identity theft, trolling, cyberbullying, and the like.

Here are a few tips to effectively protect kids against such threats besides using parental controls on Android and iPhone apps.

Ways to Protect Kids’ Mental Wellbeing

The first and foremost way to shield your kids from the dangers of the modern-day digital world is to educate them about the threats that lurk around them.

  • Raise Awareness

Knowledge is power! Therefore, instilling healthy habits and good moral values in kids from a young age is the key to safeguarding their mental and physical health. To that end, parents must help their kids develop critical thinking skills as it allows them to maintain their distance from things that aren’t good for their well-being.

  • Limit Social Media & Internet Usage

Allowing kids to have unrestricted access to the internet is folly. The overabundance of inappropriate content, not to mention the unprecedented threats that lurk in the virtual world, poses unimaginable risks to kids’ mental health. The best thing to do is limit children’s social media consumption. Define what, when, where, and how much content they can consume.

With all that in mind, parental controls on Android and iPhone apps, such as FamilyTime, have become the need of the hour for parents who wish to safeguard their kids’ mental health and shield their innocence a bit longer.

How Can FamilyTime Protect Kids?

FamilyTime is a dynamic one-stop solution for all digital-age parenting problems. It caters to the safety of both kids and teens. That is another reason why parents prefer using it over other apps. Here is how it helps protect kids’ mental health against a boatload of digital threats.

  • Curb Addictions to Technology & Gaming

With its Screen Time Limit feature, parents can help their kids fight against technology and gaming addiction more effectively. Limit their screen time and define when, where, and how much screen time they get per day.

  • Prevent Issues of Cyberbullying, Sexting, Racism & the Like

FamilyTime offers powerful tools, such as Call & Text Monitoring, YouTube Monitoring, and TikTok Monitoring. These features provide valuable insights into kids’ minds and show what might be happening in their heads. Parents can effectively and proactively prevent kids from getting victimized by issues like bullying, sexting, racism, etc.

  • Restrict Access to Inappropriate Apps/Websites/Content

Gone are the days when parents had to find various ways to block inappropriate apps, websites, and content. With tools such as Internet Filter, Safe Search, and App Blocker, parents can effectively restrict every nasty thing across multiple devices from their own parental hub (device) by pushing a few buttons.

FamilyTime works seamlessly across multiple operating systems. Perhaps, that is why its parental controls on Android and iPhone are so well-received. So, are you ready to sign up and protect your kids’ mental health?

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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