How to Protect Kids from Racism on Social Media with FamilyTime Parental Control App

Aug 23, 2022 | Parental Controls, Parenting Teens

Parents with kids who frequent social media apps worry about the impact of racism on their kids’ mental health. There are two ways you can truly protect your kids from racism on social media. One, educate them on this issue to help them deal with it. Two, use the FamilyTime parental control app and revoke their access to inappropriate content. 

This year, on the International Day for Victims of Acts of Violence Based on Religion or Belief, we’ll discuss raising awareness in kids about racism and how to help prevent them from experiencing it with the FamilyTime parental control app. Let’s begin by understanding why it is so common on social media.

Why is Racism Rampant on Social Media?

Parents try to shield their kids from the dark realities of this world for as long as possible. However, modern-day kids are growing up in a world ruled by the internet and social media. It is no secret that racism is rampant on social media platforms. There are multiple reasons behind this, and we’ll discuss just a few.  

  • Posting thoughtlessly 

Thanks to technological advancement, people can post as fast as they think. Unfortunately, it leaves no room for them to ponder on the gravity of their words and how they will impact others. People spew hatred and profanity without giving it a second thought. They may attack even a simple post or statement and turn it into a battle about race, ethnicity, skin color, etc.

In this way, social media can impact a person’s perception of self. You can become deeply personal and say something hurtful in a flurry of anger. At the same time, it can be distant. You forget that you are speaking to another human being, that your words may hurt them beyond measure.

  • Trolling

Trolls often like to watch the chaos they create on social media. They are people who pour gasoline on dying embers and watch as the world burns, just like an arsonist. They rile up masses, pit them against each other, and watch from the sidelines. They may not even believe in racism. They utter such words because they know it’ll ruin someone’s life/day.

  • Hateful Communities 

In today’s world, finding like-minded people is easier than ever. People can say whatever they want behind the curtain of anonymity. There are tons of communities online that support racism and bigotry. Racists flourish in communities like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, etc. They are often ignorant, prejudiced, and self-centered. Parents are rightfully concerned about the impact of social media and racism on the minds of young kids. 

Impact of Racism on Young Kids

It is easier to mold young minds. Kids who frequent social media communities – where racial slurs are common – can perceive that it is normal. They grow up believing that showing anger, hatred, shame, aggression, and negativity in response to everything is acceptable. 

Growing up in such an environment, kids learn profanity and misbehavior. They use racial slurs while rebelling or fighting with peers. They do so without realizing the complex history associated with those words and the devastating impact they have on the other person. 

Another issue is that kids might not immediately realize if someone hurls a racist comment toward them. Racism is a disease that takes cyberbullying to another level. Unfortunately, racism on social media doesn’t stay online. It poses real-life dangers and often leads to real-world violence and even suicide. Though many platforms explicitly ban racist comments, some slip through the cracks anyway. If you want to save your kids from racism on social media, the first step is to educate them. Let’s look at how you can do that.

How to Educate Kids About Racism

Parents can begin by having a serious conversation with their kids about racism and its devastating impact on other people’s minds. Having a serious conversation doesn’t mean you have to be intimidating. Instead, be open toward your kids and boost trust. Kids must feel comfortable asking you whatever questions they have in their minds. Talk openly about: 

  • What are racial expressions/slurs?
  • Discuss the complex history associated with racial speech.
  • Why kids must not use such language?
  • Teach them how to be upstanding citizens.
  • Set clear expectations of their behavior.

Apart from educating them, parents must introduce them to other cultures. 

Promote Acceptance of Diversity 

The best form of building acceptance is through purposeful inclusion. It can be as easy as watching child-friendly movies from other cultures or languages, such as Encanto, Coco, etc. You can also lead by example. Invite friends or work colleagues to your house who belong to other nations, countries, races, etc. 

It is worth remembering that all this might not prevent your kids from experiencing racism if they use social media platforms frequently. Therefore, having the FamilyTime parental control app in your pocket serves as a safety net to ensure your kids’ digital security.

How Can FamilyTime Parental Control App Help?

The FamilyTime parental control app can help protect your kids from experiencing racism on social media in several ways. It is a parental control app designed to protect kids from the dangers of online communities. Parents can use its following features to ensure their kids don’t come across racism online. 

  • App Blocker – to block inappropriate apps including social media, games, etc.
  • Internet Filter – to deny access to the racial content, profanity, indecent websites, etc.
  • Screen Time Limit – to ensure they don’t stay glued to their screens
  • Screen Time Schedule – to allow devices to be accessible only at specific times
  • App Usage Reports – to see which apps are used the most 
  • Social Media Management – by blocking and restricting access to social media apps such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • Monitor Call & Messages – to find out (and deal with it) if they or someone they talk to uses any racial speech

FamilyTime parental control app is loved and recommended by numerous parents who protect their kids with its incredible features. You can sign up and employ the full extent of its services if you want eternal peace of mind.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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