FamilyTime Honoring National Heroes on Memorial Day with FLAT 50% OFF

May 27, 2024 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Teens

Remembering and honoring all the national heroes who put their cunty first this Memorial Day 2024 is crucial. Celebrating the day just as a holiday is not enough. You should step forward and let your kids know the meaning and purpose of this day. Connect and relate them with those who fought and sacrificed their lives for the country. Kids must keep their devices aside and learn more about the fighting heroes. 

Celebrate Memorial Day with FamilyTime 

This Memorial Day, FamilyTime allows you to seize your child’s screen time at its minimum. Use the best parental controls by FamilyTime and limit screen time on your child’s devices. Help them have safer and more appropriate content choices for the Memorial Day-specific content. Along with these features, you can access a complete parental control toolkit at FLAT 50% OFF on FamilyTime premium plans. 

Using the premium parental controls, you can: 

  • Control your child’s screen time 
  • Schedule their internet and device 
  • Monitor social media apps 
  • Track their location 
  • Review web search history 
  • Block apps and websites for safer content choices 
  • Setup geofence limits to keep kid’s movement on notice 
  • Monitor your teen’s driving patterns 

All these and many other features, like alerts and notifications, help you stay connected with your child 24/7. They also help you make your digital experience safe and keep predators away. 

Planning a Wholesome Memorial Day with Kids 

Memorial Day is a time when you can connect with your child differently and develop patriotism in them. When there is an aura, it’s better to take the opportunity and plan the whole day effectively. Here is everything you can do on Memorial Day. 

Read Stories to Them 

Take some time out and sit with your kids, discussing a few real-life stories with them. These stories will provide them with a foundation to connect with those heroes who put the country first. It will help them be determined to serve their country better whenever there is a need. 

Watch Memorial Day Movies 

A picture is better than words, and how about a movie over a story? Reading the stories is a good idea if you are a good storyteller. But, in the other case, you can plan a movie time with your kids. Select from the best Memorial Day movies 2024 to watch. Here are a few recommendations that can make your selection easy:

  • American Sniper 
  • Fury 
  • The Longest Day 
  • Lone Survivor 
  • The Hurt Locker 
  • Molly: The American Girl 
  • Valiant 

You can pick up all these and many others to watch with kids. Doing so will not only engage kids but also give them an idea of what they are watching. Furthermore, it will help build their interest in variant content types. 

Take them to Special Talks 

On Memorial Day, certain ceremonies, events, and talks are arranged. It’s better to take your kids to these talks and ceremonies. These places will condition your kids to behave a certain way about serious events. They could connect and relate to the other people in the events. Make them meet the survivors present as guests so they will pay respect to them directly or their families. It’s good to train your kids in certain behaviors. 

Participate in the Community Events 

When your community or colony is planning certain Memorial Day events, it’s better to participate in them. Encourage your kids to participate in these events and share their ideas about them. It will help them connect with others in the community, avoid their screens, and think differently. 

Wrap Up! 

Involving your kids in engaging and effective activities on this Memorial Day is easy with FamilyTime. Claim FLAT 50% OFF on FamilyTime premium plans now and use its exclusive parental controls on your child’s device. You will save money on the best parental control and engage your child in alternative activities. Use Memorial Day 2024 to uplift your child’s patriotism and understanding of the national spirit by making appropriate plans. 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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