Is Wizz App Turned Out to be a “Teen Tinder”? 

May 7, 2024 | Parenting Tips and advices

Your teen is available with various social apps, more than you think. Only a few of the apps have come to the surface and become popular; however, many of these are trending but still need to be discovered. Wizz is a famous App among teens, and parents have no idea about it. Technically, it’s a messenger and communication app, but most teens are using it as an alternative to Tinder. Is Wizz Safe? 

When teens can connect with people randomly based on similar interests, it lets them explore many other opportunities than a regular friendship. When teens go beyond regular limitations, they simply enter the unsafe zone. To keep your teens and kids safe, it’s essential to know more about Wizz and why it is termed “Teen Tinder.” 

About Wizz App

French mobile video game developer Voodoo launched The Wizz app in the UK in October 2022. It is a “Social discovery app” intended to connect users of similar age groups. According to the App’s interface, users of different age groups cannot connect. 

After its first launch, the App went viral with its TikTok reshares, which reached up to 20 million views. After hitting the trend, the App was launched in the US, Canada, and Australia. Currently, it’s manifesting to reach more than 23 countries around the globe. 

The App is designed to make communication fun and connect people randomly to interact with each other around the globe. It makes a smooth statement of open communication, but that rings a lot of alarms for the parents concerned about their kids’ safety. Based on the App’s interface and format, many consider it a dating app or Teen Tinder. 

Is Wizz a Dating App? 

Wizz’s algorithm works to connect random strangers with similar interests that may resemble those of other dating apps like Bumble, Wink, or Tinder. However, it’s notable that Wizz is not directly marketed as a dating app. There are possibilities for people using the App to look for a dating partner, but the App never claims it. The reason is to make Wizz safe and available for everyone. 

According to the terms and conditions, Wizz let anyone above 13 sign up. Considering this age bracket, the dating app’s tag limits Wizz’s target users. So, you need help finding the documented dating claim in the App. However, people use it for their purposes, which is another threat. If your teen uses the App, he is likely prospecting to meet someone on the platform. Or someone else will approach your teen with similar intentions. 

What makes Wizz Dangerous for Teens? 

Do you wonder what compromises your teen’s safety at Wizz? Well, it’s because the users and the platform are together. Certain features, mechanisms, and false usage are complicating things. As parents, you should know about a few things related to Wizz’s safety that put your child under threat. 

No Age Verification 

By default, the App requires an age limit of 13 or above to let the user sign up. It is fair, but anyone can mark the age 13 or above in the checkboxes and proceed. The App does not have a specific criterion for users’ age verification. There is no mechanism available at all. 

It lets minor users pretend to be adults and older users pretend to be younger. In this case, anyone can pretend to be of a different age and communicate with random people with false intentions. 

People Connect Randomly Based on Interests 

Wizz is programmed to connect and link individuals with similar interests in their profiles. There is no need to sign up using phone numbers, so users cannot connect with the people they know on the platform. Eventually, they will find new people online. 

Connecting with someone is a perk for exploring opportunities and connections with people online. However, it’s not a good thing for your teen or a younger child. The App can connect them with strangers quickly, causing unsafe connections. They might connect with people who have bad intentions. 

Phishing & Scams 

Anyone with private information can join the App, which compromises Wizz’s safety on a larger scale. Eventually, it opens up the opportunities for scammers and hackers. They can get involved with kids and teens, ask for personal information, share phishing links, and scam them. 

Keeping digital information safe online is important. Teens tend to share their information frequently with the people they interact with online; it’s why they may face issues such as scams, hack attempts, stolen information, etc. 

Abusive Language & Explicit Content 

Wizz does have its terms and conditions on abuse, bullying, and explicit language or content. However, it’s difficult for the App to review and control such content and language

 in personal chats and groups. 

Unmonitored App usage exposes your child and teen to prohibited and disturbing content. You never know what your young one is receiving or sharing in personal chats, as you need access to it. The risks of overexposure to explicit content are higher than you may think. 

Bullying & Harassment 

Teens may have chances to lose control of their information-sharing patterns. In the heat of moments or excitement, teens usually share too much information or even their pictures. Bullies or cyber predators can later use these pictures to harass them. In such situations, teens get upset and do not find a resolution. They are further followed by difficult situations and conditions following the panic condition. 

No Built-in Wizz Parental Controls 

Using their built-in parental controls, you can make social media apps safer for kids and teens. Unfortunately, Wizz parental controls are not available by default. The App does not let you restrict the access or usage of its features. This results in kids using the App unmonitored, eventually increasing their chances of digital vulnerability. 

Tips to Make the Use of Wizz App Safe for Teens 

You can sometimes control your child’s digital media usage by force. However, it only works in some cases. Every child is different and brings out different challenges for you. To deal with diversity, you need appropriate tactics. Instead of blocking the Wizz app and keeping your kids safe, you can adapt many other options to make things work. These tips will help you create a healthy bond with your child and enhance their digital safety at the same time. 

Allow App for 16+ Only. 

As digital well-being experts, we do not recommend that kids younger than 16 use the Wizz app. It’s designed for older teens and adults. However, the official age limit is 13+, which is not a safe age limit. As concerned parents, you should only allow your older teens to use the platform with complete digital literacy. 

It’s better to educate them about the right digital practices and processes. Here is what you should let them know: 

  • Make them aware of information safety, privacy settings, and avoiding cyber predators. 
  • Please encourage them to make safer connections. 
  • Guide them not to interact with older or extremely younger people 
  • Please encourage them to report harassment and abuses 
  • Enlighten them about privacy settings and use them 
  • Educate them about safe content sharing and access 

Along with all this advice, always keep yourself available for them. Assure them they can connect with you anytime they want to discuss or share anything. 

Manage Privacy Settings in the App 

Wizz’s safety is not as compromised as you may think. Mostly, it’s the App’s users who make it dangerous. The App itself does have a few safety settings that work. Though you may not find Wizz parental controls by default, it offers privacy settings. Users can always restrict the person who can contact them, share media, or have further interaction. 

Using these privacy settings, one can ensure the account’s safety. It helps to limit the threats of predators contacting them with ill intentions. You can use these privacy settings for your child’s profile or encourage them to do so. It helps keep the kids safe from predators on the App. 

Educate Teens About the App’s Risks 

Teenagers love everything popular with their peers and want to try it at any cost. Wizz is popular among teens for multiple reasons, from peers’ love of it to their growing interests. In such a situation, you cannot control or restrict your teens from using the App. Instead, you can educate them about the App’s risks and related threats. 

Let them know that everyone on the App is not there with good intentions or give them a safe communication experience. Introduce them to the harsh reality of people looking for hookups on the App that can lead them to save drastic emotional, physical, and psychological issues. 

Block & Report Abuse 

Empower your teen to report issues and block bullies on the App. Encourage them not to tolerate the wrongdoings or explicit behaviors of others. It’s mandatory for them to report abuse whenever they feel threatened or uncomfortable with anyone. 

The Safe Wizz policies allow users to report threats and issues related to any other user to avoid digital risks. The App works to make communication smooth and regulate everything smoothly. You can report the abuse yourself or encourage your teen to do so. 

Be in Touch with Your Teen 

When you have identified that your teen or child is using the Wizz app, it’s essential to keep an eye on them. Always stay in touch with them, knowing what they are doing on the App, if they have met someone new, or if they are making new friends. Also, keep an eye on all their new interests that are different from what they normally like. It helps you keep them safe from potential issues and threats online. 

Implement FamilyTime’s Parental Controls 

When you are working to make the Wizz safe for your teens, FamilyTime offers the right parental controls. Using multiple tools, you can easily ensure your child’s digital safety. You do not need to stress about anything; just use the right tools and options to make things work in your favor. 

  • Daily App Usage Limit—Set app limits for daily usage and discourage your teens from using the Wizz app for a long time every day. 
  • Approve App for Installation—Enable the approval restrictions on new app installations to prevent your young kids from installing the Wizz app. After reviewing, approve or reject the installation. 
  • Social Monitoring: Monitor your child’s social media chats and find out what they discuss online. 
  • App Blocker: Block Wizz or all other harmful apps on your child’s device to restrict their access to these sites. 
  • Contact monitoring: Monitor your teen’s contacts to identify any new contacts added to their phone book. It will help you identify any suspicion right in time. 

FamilyTime’s Verdict on Wizz App 

In conclusion, our digital safety experts consider the Wizz app unsafe for teens under 16. Though it is designed for the 13+ category, the inflow of information and practices on the platform makes it not a favorable choice for kids. Many predators are online looking for relationships and dating partners. 

The usage of people and perception of teens have made the App a Tinder for teens, which is highly objectionable and dangerous. It’s essential to keep the kids and teens away from the App and protect them from psychological and emotional damage. 

Parents must review the App’s usage, threats, and limitations. It’s better to use the right parental controls and make Wizz safe even for teens over 16.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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