The Guide to Keeping Kids Safe on TikTok

Oct 20, 2022 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens, What's New

TikTok is one of the most popular social media apps in the world. And that is an irrefutable fact. However, that does not mean it is safe for kids and teens to use it unsupervised. The enormous amount of inappropriate content on this app is infuriating. Since kids and teens use this app daily, TikTok monitoring is the need of the hour. Let’s unravel why TikTok is so popular among the masses.

Reasons Behind TikTok’s Popularity

TikTok offers short video content with cute filters and incredible features. TikTok has been consistently gaining popularity because of this very reason. Tons of celebrities and influencers use it too. It offers a variety of content, and much of that is indeed entertaining. However, it isn’t safe for kids to use without parental oversight and requires using TikTok monitoring features. Here is why it is unsuitable for kids.

Why is TikTok Dangerous for Kids?

It is truly amazing to see the unlimited amount of short-video content TikTok houses. You can find the content of all genres on this app, from comedy to drama to viral transformations, etc. However, kids can easily access the plethora of explicit, violent, and profane content on this platform. Let’s look at these issues in detail.

Unsuitable Content – Sexual Innuendos, Violence & Profanity 

People create and upload short-video skits on this platform that portray violence, sexual innuendos, profanity, etc. Though TikTok uses algorithms to filter out this type of content, not everything gets banned/blocked. Kids can, therefore, stumble across inappropriate content, which could ruin their innocence.

Unfiltered/Loose Talk – Inappropriate Comments

Users can create two types of accounts on this platform, public or private. Most content creators go for a public one, so they can share their content with the world and get praised for creativity. Therein lies the problem. Not everyone will praise your talent. Many people leave nasty comments for creators, and kids may read them. The uncontrolled, unfiltered, and loose talk is not acceptable for kids’ moral development. 

Stranger Danger – Unwanted Followers

The fact that anyone can follow your kids’ profile, especially if the profile is public, is disturbing for countless parents. Kids lack the foresight to make well-educated decisions. A twisted stranger may follow your kid’s profile or initiate a conversation with them. In the excitement of connecting with someone unknown, kids may not think much and give out personal information, which could compromise their safety. Problems like identity theft, online grooming, and cyberbullying are rampant on social media apps and TikTok is no different. 

Addictive – Waste of Time

Have you ever noticed how kids jump from one video to another as soon as they don’t like what they are watching? But where does it lead? It leads to getting addicted to TikTok – the pinnacle of short-video content. The app is so addictive that kids lose track of time. Hence, parents must indulge in TikTok Monitoring apps, like FamilyTime.

How to Keep Kids Safe on TikTok?

We cannot prevent kids from using this app entirely. However, parents can ensure it is safer for them and that they do not get exposed to inappropriate content or become a victim of cyberbullying. Let’s dive in and see what measures parents can take to accomplish this task.

Set up Private Accounts

One of the most significant ways to safeguard kids on this app is to create a private account. TikTok accounts are public by default. However, you can change that setting once the account has been created. A public TikTok account means anyone can follow your profile, leave a comment, view your content, and send direct messages to your inbox. On the other hand, a private account limits kids’ interaction with people you approve of.

Turn on Restricted Mode

Another way to limit your kids’ interaction with strangers is by turning on the restricted mode setting. It is an in-built feature that allows you to limit the type of audience that can watch your kids’ content. 

Limit Kids’ TikTok Time with FamilyTime

You can also help your kids get rid of TikTok Addiction. Yes! You can limit the time your kids spend on this app with FamilyTime’s TikTok Monitoring feature. It allows you to specify how long kids can use TikTok in a day. Moreover, you can manage other social media apps with this app as well.

FamilyTime offers plenty of incredible features like YouTube Monitoring, Web History, Screen Time Limit, Internet Filter, and Call & Text Message Monitoring, among others that can help your resolve plenty of digital parenting problems. Explore more by visiting its website or sign up to get started!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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