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New Documentary, Screenagers Bring Screen Time Addiction in Teens to Light, Tells Parents What to Do

Kids and teens today can’t get enough of the Internet and mobile devices. If you’re worried seeing your children scroll down life with their fingers tapping away at the speed of light, you’re not alone: children spend more time looking at their screen than they spend sleeping or at school or with family and friends. […]

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A Sneak Peek into the Lives of American Girls – How Social Media is Taking Toll

If your daughter is growing up, you’d probably be aware of the selfie-culture and would probably be familiar seeing them posting continuously on the social networking apps. But what kind of life it is, you think. When they should be thinking about their education and degree, they’re busy trying to forge a particular image for […]

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Parenting, Children and Words: It’s Time to Change Your Parenting Vocabulary!

No matter how much children grow up, no matter how successful and confident they turn out to be, what matters for them the most still remains getting their parent’s approval; their encouragement and their admiration. Right from the time they were toddlers when they’d spill juice on the carpet and look at you instantly for […]

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