Digital Substance Abuse is a Thing Now and Your Teens Could be a Victim!

Nov 9, 2017 | Parenting Tips and advices, Teens' Perspective and Reseearch

Are you aware of bi-naural beats? Probably you aren’t. These are the audio tracks that can change the state of mind. Theses tracks are available online and there is no wonder that your kid is also tempted to give it a shot. It’s shocking but true that Internet could be used to get high. If your kids are listening to the music and their bodies are numbed and tingling, figure out the reason.

It’s a digital substance abuse

The biggest threat is that the first is always free. Their one attempt can lead them to addiction and even the real life drugs and alcohol.  It’s the time to take it seriously because it doesn’t require much to get addicted, what they need is a headphone and Internet connection. We hardly pay attention to kids listening to music, and not even imagine that they are listening to sounds generating the effects of marijuana, opium and cocaine. A large number of  teens are visiting these sites and your kid could be one of them.

I came across an infographic by I-doser which is a Web site promoting digital drugs and according to this, there are more than million people visiting this site each year.

Source: I-doser

This site promoting digital drugs has become global and about 1.2 million people visit is yearly. Ranging from North America, Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Oceania visitors are using this Web site. This is not something new to the youth so parents should also be aware of it. To get rid of such parental distress we have to monitor which Web sites they are visiting the most, which are their favorites sites and what is their entire Web behavior.

Smartphone monitoring – A safe solution

By monitoring smartphone usage of the teens we can have a fair idea of their online activities and restrict them accordingly. FamilyTime has a plenty of features and parental controls that can help you monitor and regulate your teens’ smartphone usage. Here are some of the features you can begin with:

  • Internet History Monitoring – so you can have a look at the websites your teen is browsing.
  • Installed App Monitoring – to track the apps and check for these shady apps.
  • App Usage reports – to have a detailed account of which apps your teen uses the most and for how long.
  • App Blocker – to block these online drug apps for good.
  • Screen Time Locks – to block access to smart devices during study, meal and sleep times.

These features and parental controls can easily help you rescue your teen from the horrible consequences of online drugs. All you need to do is install the FamilyTime app on their smartphone or tab and that’s about it. Keep a track of their online activities and protect them from all these threats smartly.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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