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Summer Safety Tips for Parents: Let Those Wings Fly!

Lay off from school also means they have more time to spend with their phones and tablets. Social media, online gaming, e-reading are all very attractive especially when you have nothing else to do. No one really studies in their holidays, we’ve all been there haven’t we? Summers holidays mean free time and more fun […]

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FamilyTime – The App that can Protect Your Child from Sleep Deprivation

Do you know cell phone radiations could ruin kids’ bedtime? Mostly parents don’t pay attention to this important fact. The use of cell phone in bed could cause reduced sleep, and serious headaches. Moreover, sleep deprivation can cause long-term negative impacts on kids’ cognitive abilities, stress level and their attention and alertness. If your kids […]

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Six New Year Parenting Resolutions That You Actually Want To Take Up!

As 2017 is approaching have you thought about your resolutions yet? Take some time out to reflect upon what went right and what stressed you out this past year. Kids grow fast and parents have to keep evolving with them too. They have to strike a balance between being parents, working and managing the household. […]

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