Ways to Avoid Cyberbullying with Parental Control App for Android

May 16, 2022 | Parenting 101

With the spread of the online world, bullying has taken on a new dimension. Cyberbullying often involves acts of transmitting online hatred or rumors about another person through social media or other social networking sites. Secrecy preserves the user and encourages the user to openly express his/her mind. But this control can be risky. If anyone uses privacy the wrong way, behaving recklessly, threatening, or worse, performing unlawful acts, it can be devastating. Regardless of the purpose, what they fail to understand is wrong and can influence the person who is on the receiving end of what they do.

For different reasons, children tend not to tell their teachers or parents about their bullying experiences, such as embarrassment of being focused on, fear of worse consequences, etc. But there is no need for them to continue suffering alone or in isolation. So, when you find out or believe that your child is an online bullying survivor, what do you do? We share 2 key suggestions.

Identify the Signs

It is imperative that if their children are being bullied online, parents learn to identify the signs. And if there is an urgent need to take measures to avoid more harassment or injury.

What defines bullying or cyberbullying to start with? Not like someone or not having to be buddies is not bullying, because of character or value preferences, they simply do not like this person.

However, when one promptly flows harmful, demeaning, or false information about a person, invades their personal information like such as residence details, mobile numbers, private pictures or videos, or even threatens them to kill or ask to kill/harm themselves. It includes cyberbullying. 

This major crime can be prevented by installing a reliable parental control app for android such as FamilyTime on your smart devices. Being the victim of any such kind of cyberbullying can be stressful and traumatic. It may leave a very miserable impact on victims’ minds. Kids have more chances to become a victim as their usage of using the internet is higher. If you notice signs as follows, please be vigilant and act accordingly;

  • Evident rise or fall in the usage of their smart devices and internet
  • Expressing unusual and obvious reactions while using smartphones/device
  • Minimizing or hiding their screens and getting agitated when being asked
  • Deactivating social media profiles and staying off the web
  • Taking less interest in studies and sports
  • Going in isolation and avoiding people interaction

Cyberbullying can have serious effects on someone’s mental health. That is due to everlasting connectivity, it can be constant forever. It can become the reason for depression and anxiety if it stays longer. 

Guide Your Kids to Prevent Cyberbullying

After you have recognized some of the reasons and warning signs, find out what you can do to support and protect your distressed child. Primarily, speak to them and vigilantly ask questions. They’re going through a stressful state of mind, be sensitive about it. However, inquire as much information as required, such as who is involved and how/when did it start, etc.

Start using the most trust worth parental control app for android such as FamilyTime to prevent any such incidents in the future. Acknowledge that you realize their pain and stress that everyone should be treated with respect.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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