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Having a well-connected family can save children of this generation from digital addiction. I know you, like every other parent, are worried about the over-usage of the phone by your kid. Here are a few activities that can enhance your child’s interest in the family and help you lessen their cell phone usage. Also, this article explains how using a parental control app you can have all the digital activities under your check. 

  1. Plan Picnics and Tours

To show your kids that entertainment, fun, and refreshment exist out of this digital life too, planning a picnic is one of the amazing ways. It helps your child not only to reduce their cell phones usage but also in the overall growth and development. They become aware of the different aspects of nature, get to know about colors, plants, flowers, and many things. It also improves their mental and physical health in multiple ways. 

  1. Play Outdoor and Mind Games Together 

You have to find a replacement for video games and other social media activities, right? Playing other manual games can help. Like, Lego, Chess, puzzle matching games, or some outdoor activities like badminton, hide and seek, or anything you or your kid prefers. 

The mind games enhance intellect, creativity, and imagination power in a child. However, both indoor and outdoor games are good to develop fine and gross motor skills and make a child passionate about growing and learning.

  1. Make School Projects Fun at Home

Why is it that a child always runs away from school activities no matter how fun they are? Well, there is always not a very good relationship between a school and a child. 

But, you can make it fun. The projects they get to do at home can be another creative activity where you help your child and you both do it together. Appreciation of small efforts encourages a child to complete a task with interest. Moreover, the children recognize the importance of other tasks instead of just scrolling down through Facebook.  

  1. Get Out for Grocery Together

Small family activities that might sound very important to you play a huge role in strengthening the bond. When it happens, a child automatically prioritizes family activities over other digital ones. Going to the grocery is always fun for kids. 

So, every month or fortnightly or whatever your grocery routine is, take your kids to accompany you.

  1. Prepare Sunday’s Breakfast with Your Kids

You do not need a significant reason to celebrate something. You already have many reasons and those are enough to make your child happy and family strong. For example, celebrating weekends in different ways. Going out for a picnic is one that we have already mentioned, preparing Sunday breakfast together is another. 

The excitement your kids will wake up with will be immense, I assure you. 

  1. Have Dinners Together Now and Then

Mealtime is important not just to sit together but have small conversations, discussing daily routine things, sharing ideas about the sofa you are going to buy, or anything. These are meant for making your child an integral part of the family. They will start taking the responsibility of becoming a part of everything happening in the home. And that is what the children with internet or social media addiction lack.  

  1. Celebrate Kids’ Small Achievements

Make your child feel important by celebrating small achievements. Getting good grades in a subject, sticking to a good routine, completing a project on time, or any small act that matters to you. You can reward your kid for that or prepare a meal in the name of your child. 

This is another way to include the child in the family’s activities and making them feel important.  

  1. Watch Movies Every Holiday

Now when you are trying to have control over their digital activities, it is important to manage to watch some movies or play some games with them. This is to teach them that these activities are not bad altogether. It is only about doing them within safe limits. 

  1. Use Parental Control Apps 

When your kids use phones, make sure you have applied all the safe search filters, time limits, and schedules (for the phone to not operate during study or mealtimes). It will allow them to enjoy their time still preventing digital damages to their personality. This all is possible through the use of a parental control app like FamilyTime. It offers multiple features to empower parents which you can check on their website. To download this app, go to App Store or Play Store now. Have a lively family!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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