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Characters like ‘Cinderella and ‘Rapunzel’ have been a part of the lives of all of us. I still remember fantasizing about a prince that changed Cinderella’s fortune and having hair like Rapunzel’s that everyone loves. Watching movies in childhood is important. They give you so much to think about, develop your imagination, and enhance your creativity. But there was always a problem with such characters. They endorse the idea that prince charming’s kiss is the solution to all the problems of a girl. That is not all. These movies failed to describe women beyond the typical attributes like pretty, weak, timid, and the ones waiting for a man to change their fate once and for all.

But is that all you, as a parent, want to see in your daughters. We know we do not watch our kids this keenly when it comes to what type of content they should watch. Believe me, you should not just be careful about not allowing them any adult content. There is much more than that. You have to understand a simple logic to get it.

What Effects Typical Roles Have on Your Kids?

Psychology says kids are active recipients of the environment. What they see around them or in the movies become role models for them and they start seeing themselves as those characters. They learn from them and incorporate them into their personalities. Now, would you like your daughters to fantasize about the ideal body image and perfect skin of these personalities? Would you like them to see themselves as dependent women who are waiting to find the best man of their lives? And would you like your sons to fix in such specific gender roles instead of exploring themselves and see women as timid human beings? NO!

FamilyTime does not just help you prevent adult content from showing on your kids’ devices but it also helps you groom them as the best persons. Everything is possible with this iPhone and Android parental control app.

The Strong Characters Your Kids Need to Watch

 Thanks to movies like ‘Moana’ and ‘Harry Potter’ who broke certain stereotypes and presented women as strong, independent, and intelligent characters. There are a lot of other movies too and you can search for them.

Now, what is good about these characters? There is a history of confining women into these stereotypical characters. It has changed societal expectations about women. For example, they can be good at their jobs, creating new things, being intelligent, and be strong decision-makers. But, this angle is somewhere lost. Because now the only angle to see women is that they must be beautiful (as per the so-called standards), and good at their household.  

But, the world does not stop. Your kids need to get out of such fantasy characters whose roles have no tangible implications in the real world. If you want to see them making contributions to a gender-inclusive society, deciding appropriate movies can be of great help.

Hermione is a character that, despite being from an apparently low-caste family, through her intelligence and bravery changes the course of the events. On the other hand, Moana decides to search for her lost fortune by setting out on a journey on her own. Not to forget, she is a black girl and not as slim and tall as the supermodel Cinderella is.  

FamilyTime can help you check their interests and then find TV shows and movies that are progressive and involve their interests too. So, when they grow up, they want to work hard and believe that they have complete control over their lives.

How Can FamilyTime Help?

FamilyTime can be your all-time support in managing the content that kids watch in a best-planned way. It allows you to choose what they should watch and what they should not. You can be an amazing parent who equips kids with all the necessary concepts, personality traits, and also important skills using FamilyTime.

We recommend talking to your kids about different roles after they watch a movie. Discuss with them, take their perspective on what they think about certain characters and scenes, and assist them in developing a better point of view. Only this way you can turn them into people who have a constructive approach towards society and who are rational and wise when judging someone.

In short, better role models mean better personalities your kids would have. Make them watch the healthy content you decided for them through the best Android parental control app. You can try its features for free for three days. Hurry up and check it out.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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