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It doesn’t take much time when you see your children growing into the next phase of development. Yes, they are teens before you are ready for it. And a different phase means you have to be a different parent.

And of all the stages of development, teenage is famous for being the most difficult and stressful period. Well, it is not always about the teen growing and becoming a different self. Most of the time, parents are also not in the position to accept their kids’ growing personalities and different demands.

 However, teens are passing through many challenges during these years. Some of them that parents need to understand are mentioned here. Also, this article explains how a parental monitoring app can help a parent in taking care of their kids during adolescent years. 


Teenage means a need for identity and high self-esteem. Not that they reach a fixed self-identity or always have very good self-esteem, but these years are meant to pass in the struggle to achieve them.

Teens want to identify themselves with respect to their families or a peer group, sometimes with their achievements or skills. And, this is what builds self-esteem in them. If they don’t get enough appreciation from their family and parents or if they are not accepted in their peer group, they are more likely to have poor self-esteem. Also, it defines their performance academically and overall. 


This is something that is not built in them by nature but is a product of society. Everyone is running after trends. When it comes to teens, they try their best to be a part of the mainstream no matter what. So, using a cell phone and being online on social media every moment is a must. Because using the internet twenty-four by seven and becoming a part of every digital activity is a new cool of this era. 

They also don’t know when the general usage is turned into an addiction. Although, it has a lot of negative effects on physical and mental health they cannot live without it because of what would happen to their image before peers.   


Peers are a big part of teen years. Having a good peer group equals their confidence, performance, and self-approval. This can be and is toxic in many ways because teens try to be a part of every activity that their friends are doing. 

Using social media, completing online challenges (sometimes really bizarre and dangerous), drinking, smoking, having romantic relationships, and unsafe sex. From a parents’ eye, there is a big problem in allowing their kids all of this. But, teens have to save their image before peers. Because they would be bullied if they do not do so. Peer pressure is a real thing and parents have to be very cautious while counseling their kids about it. Any mistake can make them a rebel.


Where there are a lot of challenges for teens at this age, they are continuously fighting for ways to spend a completely independent life. They would hate your interference in their lives and like to take all their decisions on their own. Well yes, they are in a period where they are getting trained to spend an independent life. But they need proper guidance through this path. 

This is exactly the challenge. You consider all the facts have to monitor them softly. A parental app like FamilyTime can help to do that quite smartly. 


In the world of social media and the internet, there is a new trend every other day. Whether it is about fashion or one’s body, these trends decide what should be the ideal standard. Following them, a lot of people lose their self-esteem. This digital era does not accept everybody’s image. Thus, teens because they are already in the pursuit of being accepted by the system develop doubts about themselves and have a poor body image. 

Parents carry a huge responsibility in taking their kids out of these influences. A parental monitoring app like FamilyTime can help you follow their activities on social media and the internet. Also, you can put restrictions on the specific type of content. There are a lot of features that it offers and you can check them out now. Moreover, you enjoy all the premium features for free in a three-day trial period. 

Have fun using FamilyTime! 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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