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Parenting Muse: How to Keep Your Teens from Making Wrong Choices

At times even perfect kids could make horrible choices. Especially if you are parenting teens, then you should expect anything. Moreover, it is not their fault. Sometimes the peer pressure, social acceptance and attempt to figure out who exactly they are’ they can show reckless attitude. If you think they cannot make wise choices about […]

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More Grandparents Are Raising Grandkids, Let’s Make it Simple & Easier

Our society is a combination of traditional and non-traditional families, but it’s quite interesting to know that grandparents are playing very impressive role in raising their grandchildren. Number of children living in grandparent’s home isn’t small any more. In US the rate is increasing so fast and grandparent headed-families are so common. Well, it isn’t […]

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What Happens When Kids Enter Teenage?

Is your kid entering the teenage? Be ready for the new experience and a lot of struggle as your kid will undergo developmental changes during the adolescence. We all know that teenage is the most crucial phase of life. It is the stage where teens decide to give up to the influence of others, and […]

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