5 Things No One Tells You About Raising Teenagers!

Sep 16, 2015 | Parental Controls


Teenagers do all the crazy stuff and they always come up with something that makes you shake your head and think “What the heck were they even thinking!?” At one time they are happy, and then at the drop of a hat, their mood takes a 360 degree turn. At one moment, they’ll just be giving you a hug and want you to be around always; and on the other, they would look for their independence and demand space, without any reason.‘What’s the deal with them?’ At times you just can’t get it.

You will come across advice for pregnancy and newborn babies, but when it comes to raising teens, there is just nothing. To help you combat with the situation effaciously, you are needed to get into their shoe and realize what they feel and want. To help you with this, here are a few points that you should be cognizant of:

1. They want their space:

“Oh my God mom/dad, just chill!’ followed by eye rolling and exasperating. They want to handle everything on their own and are not interested in your advice. Be smart! Turn your advise into a kind suggestion for them and give them space as a friend! This way, you can stay close to them and make them act the way you want.

2. They want to be treated like adults…:

…when they want that is. They conveniently shift between ‘I’m an adult now!’ to ‘What do I know, I’m just a kid!’ Be a little bossy and they’re adults- ask them to do the chores, pay for things or anything they don’t want to do, and they are ‘just a kid’ again.

3. They have major mood swings:

It’s like they are on a roller coaster of emotions which has lost its brakes. Just when you think you understand them and try to help them- boom- they have an entirely different mood now. They will push you away in one moment and will hold your hand in the other.

4. They will remember everything you say (for 5 sec):

They will make it seem like they are listening to you, at times they won’t even put this effort. In either case, they will forget everything you have said just moments ago, 95% of the times. This will happen not because they ignore you or purposely don’t ask you again. It’s literally because unless they write it down or put up a reminder, they will forget about it.

5. No hugging them in public:

If you ever want to hug your teen in public, make sure no one in the 5 mile radius is looking at you, especially their friends. They love you, but won’t display it very often; especially in front of their age fellows- it isn’t ‘cool’.

They will stress you out… but:

In the end they will turn out just fine. Because all the door banging, eye rolling, lying, bunking school was not them- it was the hormones. Your irrational, moody and emotional teen will grow up to be a fine person. They will make mistakes, but will make their own place in the world. You can make these years a lot easier by using parental control apps, to maintain your sanity. Keep your fingers crossed and do what you feel is right for your child. Keep them happy, healthy and safe!

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