What Happens When Kids Enter Teenage?

Sep 30, 2015 | Parenting 101


Is your kid entering the teenage? Be ready for the new experience and a lot of struggle as your kid will undergo developmental changes during the adolescence. We all know that teenage is the most crucial phase of life. It is the stage where teens decide to give up to the influence of others, and they eventually finally land into various chaotic situations.

When a child enters his adolescence, not only his appearance changes but there occurs a huge difference between the demands they make. All their childhood, kids demand for the attachment parenting style that gratifies their need of attention, care, love and trust, but as soon as they enter their teenage, they begin preferring the detachment parenting style. They, all of a sudden, put on a new lens to see the world. The lens that helps them see the key elements of attachment parenting as the negative and on the spur of the moment, their preferences and perceptions change. If you try to hold on them, hover over or even help them out in adolescence they get irritated. In fact, they may  detach from you and will result in a gap you can’t fill. This is what changes when your kid enters teenage and the list doesn’t end here. There are a few other key changes your teen may experience in their perception and they start considering:

1- Your care as being overly protective

Being compassionate towards the child is to first instinct of parents. They care their kids to ensure that they are safe both emotionally and physically. The care remains a caring factor for kids during the childhood, but when they turn teen, they want their space. At the phase if you show the same level of concern and care they may get frustrated and complain that you are becoming overly protective towards them. They think of them as adults and don’t require your supervision anymore!

2- Help as being Authoritative:

If you try to help out your teen without them asking for it, they take it as you are being authoritative. To prove their maturity, they refuse to take your help in the first place and then they make their own choices picking the options you may not want them.

3- Trust as freedom

As a parent, you trust your child that they will behave in an appropriate manner. No matter what are the circumstances, you believe, they will make the right decision. Your trust becomes their ultimate freedom tool in the teenage. They do what they feel is right and try hard to make you understand their point and their perspective. If you fail at it, there is a lot of anger you will have to face. If you decide to become an overbearing parent or a dominant parent for their good they act rebelliously.

4- Love as emotional blackmailing

In their teenage, kids tend to experiment with everything. They become loud, curious, messy, stubborn, impatient, demanding, distracted, self-centered, and energy flowing. In this scenario, when you show them your love, they see it as rein in their neck that you throw on them just to keep your control intact. In no time, their definition of love changes and you become the bad guy.

So now, do you know the way to deal with your teenager? It is important that you change your parenting strategies as per the psychological development of your kid. Only then you can reap the joy of parenting to the fullest!

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