Your Kids Just Can’t Stop Playing Games? Here is What You Can Do!

Aug 1, 2016 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS

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Games can be addictive, especially when you have several levels to win and all of them with three stars!

It is a usual sight in most households; kids tapping on screens, wearing an anxious expression – becoming couch potatoes. And don’t even try to talk to them or stop them because it might result in shouting and cursing that they were ‘SO CLOSE!’ Do you have a similar situation at home?

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When Games Don’t Remain Fun

This can be upsetting for parents as they are the outsiders and slowly watching their kids turning into zombies. Of course, zombies who play games! Parent’s concerns are not wrong as too much gaming leads to addiction and adds to the screen time. Some games teach violence, aggression, and immoral social values. They can affect their eyes, health, and even brains. Lack of physical activity also causes depression and social anxiety.

We’ve Got Your Back

All of this is very disturbing and you are probably thinking about calling your pediatrician by now. Don’t worry too much because FamilyTime, like always, is here for your help. You can put a halt to all the addictive games and get them moving. Yes, with our App Blocker you can block away all the troubles and give your kids more chances of a healthy life.

You Ask How? Here Is How

The app blocking tool is available for both iOS and Android devices so no worries about that. With it, you can see all the installed apps and look for the games that have been keeping your kids engaged. Then you can simply block them. If that is not easy I don’t know what is!



Follow these simple steps and begin app blocking:

  • Log in to your FamilyTime account
  • Tap on Settings


  • Next Tap on App Blocker under Parental Control section

  • Select the games or apps you want to block
  • Tap Add Blacklist

  • The selected apps will be restricted

Kick Worries Out And Bring Happiness In!

When kids get out of hand we have to restrict them. It is for their own good. Maybe they will be a little angry but thank you later. FamilyTime has impeccable ways to benefit you and fulfill your parenting needs. Enjoy this amazing feature and much more. Stay happy!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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