Teen Slang : Know these Cool Words Teens Use! Part I

Apr 27, 2015 | Parenting 101


We just did a piece on how parents sometimes try to sound cool and how awfully it offends and embarrasses teens? Well, it’s always been that way, no? Remember how we used to cringe when our parents would say, “Hey buddy, come here and gimme some skin” when we’d enter the home or, “Hey young man, hang loose!”? I swear it used to get me every time!

Okay, it’s one thing to use these buzzwords and slang words in front of our kids just to impress them (which they will never be) and another thing to know them so you can have a good idea what’s going on in their lives. So here we have compiled a list of top pop culture terms or buzzwords that are in rage these days with teens along with an explanation. So next time you hear gibberish like, “twerk”, “noob” or “YOLO” you can pat yourself secretly because you’d know what they’re talking about.


Before you go on reading the buzzwords, DO NOT, under any circumstances, use these words in front of your teens. Also, when you hear these terms, do not get over excited, showing them that you know what they’re talking about and try to appear as dumbfounded as you used to. You know use it as a cover!

Cool words that teens use

1.      Photobomb

A Photobomb is when a person or object is in a picture accidentally or intentionally and ruins the photo. And guess what, Queen Elizabeth is also fond of Photobombing!


2.      Noob

To be honest, most of us parents are noobs when it comes to these buzzwords! Yes, when you know nothing about the pop culture and tech terms, you’re a noob!

3.      POS

Okay, many parents would already know this one. It simply is a code word for, “Parents Over Shoulder” so when your child is on Skype and suddenly says “POS”, you understand instantly that something X-rated was going on!


4.      Yolo

LOL and ROFL are a history. YOLO is a relatively newer buzzword and people hate it as much as some love it. So if you come across a wacky picture your teens puts up on Facebook with a hash tag #YOLO, it means You Only Live Once. I couldn’t agree with this comic on YOLO more:

There are more slangs and buzzwords and we can’t include them all in one post! So go through these terms and memorize them! And be on your toes. Try and see if your teens use these slang words, too. If so; how often? Does it put you in a better position now that you know what they’re saying? Do let me know! And yes, don’t forget to catch the second part of the slangs!


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