When Wi-fi Makes Its Way into the Human Hierarchy of Needs

Jan 10, 2022 | Parenting Tips and advices

The “Global Village”

Sadly, this has become the reality. If not for the current generation yet then it will form the following generation for we now live in a world that has rendered this true.

Surrounded by these so-called “influencers” and “Instagram bloggers” who all rely on their social media profiles for a livelihood. 

For some reason, these miserable internet socialites attract an audience as well as some amount of jealousy from their age groups.

Most people now rely on YouTube for a little side income while others depend on it for the sake of their entire careers.

Since the last decade, Twitter has been breaking news to the entire world before any news channel anywhere in the world is able to do so. 

Our Own Doing

The current generation’s reliance and dependence on the internet are their own doing as well as probably, in part, the doing of their parents for being almost to very little technology literate.

That said, they are not to be blamed entirely neither.

Honestly, no one is.

It is up to everyone to make the best possible lives for themselves and if they decide to pass up on that opportunity, then isn’t it really everyone’s own fault that they chose laziness over being uncomfortable for a few years leading up to possibly the potentially most successful decades of their lives.

Some people did use the internet trap to their own advantage and became vloggers and influencers which worked out well for them since right now happens to be their peak time.

However, eventually, when the digital world becomes a part of every day, it will hopefully be less crucial for teenagers in order to survive in their friend circles and be seen as “cool enough to be friends with.”

Blame Games

Before the blame game begins and infants and toddlers are scape-goated for lack of a better reason, why not consider a few things including who let them have access to the internet and electronic devices all the time. Who let them watch cartoons on the tablet for 4 hours straight because they had urgent business to attend to and no one to look after the baby?

The main point here is not to blame the parents but just to help them realize that when a child is raised a certain way, there will be certain things they grow into. So, if the parent did not feed the information they wanted them to grow into or incidentally fed the child information they did not want it to grow into, then there is no way in which they can even begin to put the blame on the child.

There is Still Hope

However, if they are still an infant or a pre-teen, a lot of their habits can still be modified and altered. For one, parents can set screen usage limitations, bedtimes, and daily internet schedules using the best parental control app there is, i.e., FamilyTime. It can be downloaded directly from Play Store as well as AppStore.

Parental control apps can be extremely helpful for parents in terms of determining what kinds of content their child can and cannot have access to. On top of this, they can also monitor app usage statistics, read chats as well as blacklist contacts so they do not influence children in a negative way whatsoever.


In rather unorthodox ways, there is still room for people to use the internet to their advantage.

Most people, during the recent pandemic, used the increased online traffic to their benefit by starting online social media pages and websites for their home-based businesses.

A lot of small businesses flourished to become proper brands while other running businesses declined and had to cut back on labor which, while caused waves in the stock market and whole national economies, some people were wise enough to use the same thing to their advantage and start personal businesses while the digital market was at its peak.


It has always been and always is up to the individual how they utilize and make the most of their resources. The wise ones find opportunities where others see obstacles. 

The illusions and games of the mind might be part of the reason why some people prosper more than others in their careers, finances, relationships, and lives in general despite often coming from troubled backgrounds.

Whatever the hierarchy of needs at any given time be, one is always capable of thinking out of the box and utilizing what seems like an obstacle to their complete advantage and coming out of the situation victorious if only they find within themselves the courage to dream, believe in their dream and act accordingly. 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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