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No one is perfect. Children make mistakes, disappoint parents, and do not behave the way they want them. And parents, sick of their children’s behavior, say things that they should not. 

We can accept both of these things as normal human behavior. Saying that doesn’t mean we have to let them be like that. there have to be ways to mend bad habits and avoid saying harsh words that leave their impact for a lifetime.

So, when your child is over-using their phone or has gotten addicted to it, it definitely has to be stopped. An android parental control app is exactly for that purpose. But before that, here is what you should not say to your kids even when they are wrongly using their phones. 

‘Are you going to leave your phone or should it take it away?’

I know anger has to come through one way or the other. But saying this or words like these is never going to work or have your children get better. In fact, it will act opposite to that. 

For example, your child can think of you as a rude parent who doesn’t care for their needs. Or, they can start hiding their activities from you. So, you will lose your option of even observing or keeping an eye on them.   

‘I wish you behaved like your brother’

It happens very often that one of your kids is behaving exactly like an ideal child and the other is rebellious or has some bad behaviors. Here is where mothers play their favorites. Comparing your kids will make them feel less loved and least favorite of yours. 

Not only, it will shatter their self-esteem and self-worth but also develop a biased view about you. Your words will lose worth because according to them, you are always favoring the other child. 

‘I have started hating your habits’

It is important to tell your child that their habits make you disturbed or upset. But saying hard feelings through positive words is the trick. Well, what are you doing here? Conveying your justified feelings through extremely negative words. 

Never use some words like ‘hate’ for your kid. You don’t mean it literally but your children take it so. 

‘I have started doubting your activities’

When your children are using their phones day in and day out, they may be involved in some unhealthy activity. Even if they are not, this usage is not good for their psychological or physical health. But the point is, does it get better with words like this. 

No, it gets worse. They will think that you do not trust them in any matter and get distant from you. Also, they can start further hiding their activities from you. So, they get lonely and you lose your parental control and the trust of your child. 

‘I don’t feel good about your friends’

Children or teens are happy with their friends generally. Well, your doubt about their company might be valid but how does your kid take it?

They think you are taking away their source of happiness or that you do not want to see them happy. It is not that you do not have any right to tell them right from wrong. But there is always a better way for it. 

First of all, confirm what you are thinking is right and then discuss the possibilities with them. Taking them in trust is the first step and counseling them like a true friend is next. 


Now, what to do when you cannot say harsh words like mentioned above. There is still a lot you can do. 

Use easy and soft methods to help them get rid of their bad habits. Remember, communication is the key to every problem when done rightly. Secondly, you can use an android parental control app to introduce smart restrictions on the child’s phone usage. This way, you will not have to face a situation where you lose your temperament and scold your child. 

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