What Harm is Screen Time Doing to Your Child? Analysis and Solution

May 26, 2021 | Parental Controls

The debate about screen time is longer than the lives of most of us. The issue becomes graver when we see the effects in children. Those who opened their eyes to the world of technology take it as the foremost source of entertainment.

Convincing them to start doing some outdoor activities to justifying to them the harms of long-hour screen usage, you make every effort to limit the screen time of your children.

In the Light of Research

The general notion prevailing about the effects of screen time on physical and mental health tells a lot. And when we compare them with researches, there is quite a similarity.

The American Academy of Pediatrics published research in 2017 that says exposure to social media is increasing the risks of obesity in adolescents and children. The reason possibly lies in the inactivity that the excessive usage of social apps brings in the child. Generalizing this principle, the effects of over usage of the screen in any way would bring the same undesirable effects.

Another research published in the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Birth in the same year did a rather detailed analysis of the relation. The results were horrific. Excessive screen time was seemed to be having negative effects on cognitive and physical abilities. Also, it was found that screen over-usage causes sleeping issues, anxiety, obesity, and depression.

Multiple other kinds of research have proven the same facts. So, it becomes a responsibility to bring moderation in the usage of mobile phones and tablets to limit screen time.

How Can You Save Your Children?

Starting from the very habits of childhood, parents affect the whole personality of a being. And as said, old habits die hard. You see adults sticking to their phones twenty-four-seven, you see them looking at their screens while eating, and messaging someone while driving. Had their habits been administered in childhood, the scenario would be different.

Thus, it has to be managed to save the next generation from some very serious issues. And you, the parents are forbearers of that change. Because, the increased use of technology, if not put in balance, can change social dynamics for the worst.

Less time for family and more for the internet, we know this behavior worries you to hell. Let us change it together.

FamilyTime app is quite a solution for managing your child’s screen activity without much effort.

Ready for the Solution? Here it is

The harm is real but what saves the situation from being disappointing is the technology itself. And the fact is, we are living in a smart world. The solutions that are quick and effective are more famous.

FamilyTime is the smartest of the solutions to limit the screen time of your child.

Now you do not have to get tired of telling your kid, again and again, to stop using their phone and you do not have to be worried about them when you are in the office, everything is maintained well by this smart app.

FamilyTime parental app will help you reduce their screen time by just a few clicks.

  • You can set a time limit to the usage of the screen
  • You can make schedules so that the screen is not being used during homework, lunch, etc.
  • You can block apps that you do not consider productive for your children
  • The apps will get approved by you before being downloaded  You can set an internet usage limit and also filter the websites
  • You can monitor and trace the history of their work

FamilyTime is rich in features. These were just the benefits you could use to limit screen time.

Understand Your Child

Last but not least, as a parent, you need to understand the behaviors of your children. The things that interest them, the things that they avoid and how can they be motivated. Because only then, you are better able to influence their personalities for good.

Research published by American Psychological Association shows good parenting is associated with success in school and the motivation of the child.

Thus, unlike the idea of many parents, who think they should involve minimum in the lives of their children, supportive parenting and continuous feedback (of child’s performance) is important for the growth of a child.  

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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