The FamilyTime App makes the news yet again! Plus details on game-changing new internet filtering features.

May 30, 2018 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, What's New

We’ve been having a really good May here at FamilyTime. We were recently featured on BBC News for the fact that a school in the UK has chosen to use FamilyTime on their student’s phones to ensure they are not distracted during school hours. That was a big win for us and something we are really proud of.

We were still celebrating the mention when another popular UK newspaper, The Sun, featured us in an article about keeping your children safe on social media and guarding them against bullying.

The article commends FamilyTime features like limit screen time and app locker while listing us as the most cost effective parental monitoring software out there that lets you block contact from unwanted individuals.

While there has been a lot of good news for the FamilyTime team, we also have some really good news for you, our loyal FamilyTime users. The development gurus have been hard at work to develop and test our upcoming internet filtering features and we’re happy to announce that we are almost ready to launch them.

Internet filtering comes with a website blocker, and website blacklist feature that lets you block any adult or otherwise restricted websites on your child’s device. No matter what browser they use, you’ll be able to add websites to the blacklist and make sure your children are not getting into any trouble online.

This range of new features also helps with social media blocking. Right now, you can block all social media apps with FamilyTime but with Internet filtering, you will be able to block social media websites in addition to blocking the apps themselves. You will finally be able to make sure you can lock out your child from these harmful websites whenever you want.

Keep an eye on this space. The big announcement is coming very soon!

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