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Jan 18, 2016 | Parenting Tips and advices

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As soon as your child steps into teenage, they face a lot of new changes in their bodies, mood swings and behavior issues. Puberty can hit every teen differently and sometimes it becomes pretty overwhelming for teens and parents to get used to it. One of the teen challenges is insomnia and there is a chance your child could be suffering from that.

Insomnia, simply put is inability to fall asleep. Insomniacs are never fully asleep and never fully awake. As it is, it’s pretty overbearing for teens suffering from insomnia as they have school, studies and a lot going already in their lives. As of USA, the percentage of insomniac kids is gradually increasing, have a look at this infographic:

According to this infographic, 30-40% of teens do not get enough sleep which is mainly caused by busy schedules and late bedtimes.

Mobile Phone – the Chief Cause of Insomnia among Teens

Most people who own a phone use it as an alarm clock and teens are no exception. So basically smartphones keep them from sleeping too. Since most teens put their phones next to their pillow or on their bed-side tables, it makes it all too tempting to check their emails or social apps one last time. One thing leads to another and they find themselves all too engrossed watching a video or chatting with their friend. The result: groggy-eyed teens in the mornings not being able to concentrate on the lessons all day.

A study in 2008 confirmed that people who slept with mobiles next to them took longer to fall asleep.

How to Help your Teens in Getting some Sleep?

Insomnia in teens often go undiagnosed which makes it even more difficult to deal with. And for the fear that you would force them, to sleep early will make your teens to hide the fact from you, too. In many cases, the insomnia is self-provoked. When your teens don’t sleep and keep themselves awake, the sleep cycle will eventually shrink to no sleep at all. It may be easier to linger sleep a little each day but when the insomnia kicks in, it may become almost impossible to get back to the normal sleep cycle without remedy.

So if you see dark circles underneath your kids’ eyes or they wake up all too drowsy in the morning or if you notice falling grades, it’s time you dealt with the situation with iron fist!

As long as they have their phones, there is nothing in the world that can make them sleep at night. There is just too much to do: games, face book, Twitter, SnapChat, YouTube, 9Gag, WhatsApp – the list will go on and on! So how do you make them sleep? Confiscating the phone is too old-school but there is just a way to deal with the situation: parental controls apps.

These apps sit on your child’s smartphones and from your online dashboard; you can remotely set bedtime screen locks for their phones. So as the bedtime kicks in, their phones will be locked automatically till it’s time to wake up. And FamilyTime has got it all sorted out.

BedTime Screen Lock

FamilyTime makes it easy for parents to make sure their children take ample sleep and their phones are not keeping them awake at night. Simply go to your FamilyTime – Dashboard and set a bedtime for each child phone. You can also set a wake-up time and they won’t be able to use their phones during sleep hours and there won’t be any notifications luring them into checking their phones for good. You can set different bedtimes for each child and can relax it on the weekends.

Application Blocker

If you don’t want to be that intense, you could simply block the apps that are distracting during night hours. During bedtime, you can block the social media, messaging and gaming apps. For this, you can go to your dashboard and block the apps by selecting Blacklist Apps from the Settings menu.



FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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