Teen Drive Safety App and The Art of Safe Driving 

Feb 16, 2023 | Parenting Teens

All parents feel anxious as their teenage kids get behind the steering wheel for the first time to learn how to drive. They worry for their kids’ safety on the road, which they can minimize by using a teen drive safety app, like FamilyTime. 

Teens must recognize that learning how to drive is a privilege. As parents, it is our utmost responsibility to ensure our teens prioritize everyone’s safety over the thrill of driving. To make it happen, we need to instill in teens what road safety actually means.

Talk to Teens About Safe Driving

Road safety includes various factors, such as practicing in a safe environment, learning driving maneuvers, putting away distractions, making educated decisions, following road rules, etc. 

Parents must help teens realize that getting behind the steering wheel of a car doesn’t just bring freedom and independence. It entails heavy responsibilities. Safety always comes first – that includes everyone on the road. Here are 5 key tips to educate teens to be safe on the road.

5 Rules to Teach Safe Driving to Teens

Safe driving doesn’t mean avoiding accidents. It means knowing your car, driving smoothly, having good motor coordination skills, the ability to gauge the traffic/road, making witty decisions, keeping emotions out of the car, etc. Let’s look at the following road safety tips to teach teens safe driving.

  1. Practice Makes Perfect

Everyone knows this saying, “Practice makes perfect”. The more you help your teen drive their car in a safe open environment, the better drivers they’ll become. You can begin by taking them to empty parking lots and showing them a few maneuvers. Once your teens have mastered everything they need, they must practice on roads with little to no traffic before going on roads with tons of traffic.

  1. Buckle Up Every Time

Always remember to buckle up before starting the engine. The driver isn’t the only one who must buckle up their seat belt. All passengers in the car must do so to ensure their safety. Another way to elevate the pressure on your teen driver is by putting fewer people in their passenger seats. 

  1. Reduce the Risks of Distracted Driving

Help your kids understand that distracted driving always ends up badly. Most accidents occur due to drunk/distracted driving. People get injured or lose their lives, not to mention the damages to vehicles or property. Moreover, talking/texting while driving diverts your attention from the road. If that results in a serious accident, it could weigh heavy on the conscience. The best way to avoid such things from happening in the first place is by enforcing some basic driving rules around the house. 

  1. Lay Down Some Ground Rules

To make sure your teens understand the seriousness of the matter, introduce some driving ground rules in your house. Laying down important rules and enforcing them will help you ensure teens drive safely. For instance, you can:

  • Tell them what speed they must adhere to, 
  • Set up a curfew time, 
  • Take away their privileges if they drive under the influence,
  • Teach them how to check their car before turning on their engine, etc.

Parents must demonstrate to teens what it means to become a good driver. Show them how to check and ensure that their car is in perfect shape to drive before starting the engine. Teach them how to check the engine, the mirrors, tail lights, headlights, etc. adhering to traffic speeds is also vital for safe driving.

  1. Monitor Driving Speed with Teen Drive Safety Apps

Intelligent parents employ multiple safety plans to ensure their teens become responsible drivers. In addition to setting ground rules, they use teen drive safety apps, like FamilyTime, to monitor their driving speeds. These apps enable parents to set specific driving limits for their kids and alert them if they cross those limits. Let’s see how FamilyTime can help you in this matter.

FamilyTime – The All-in-One Solution!

Teens safety with FamilyTime app

FamilyTime is an incredibly nifty parental control app that also provides the services of a teen drive safety app. Using its Teen Safe Drive feature, parents can specify driving speeds for their kids and receive alerts whenever their kids cross those speeds. Its location tracker allows you to keep an eye on their whereabouts. Whereas the virtual geofence helps parents set up alerts for specific locations and get notified when their kids enter or leave those places.

In the past, parents had no way of knowing whether their kids were abiding by the rules of traffic or not unless they were physically present in the car. However, the evolution of technology has resolved this issue, and FamilyTime is a great example of how parents can monitor their teens’ driving speeds remotely. 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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