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Revenge Porn : What to Do if Your Child Becomes a Victim

Meet Jane Clementi, a brave mother of three sons who lost a son to revenge porn incident. Her 18 year-old son, Tyler Clementi, committed suicide, jumping off the Washington Bridge after posting this status on his Facebook account, “Jumping off the gw bridge sorry.” This happened back in 20101 but her mother still feels the […]

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Teens Using Internet Unsupervised- Threats & Risks

Do You Know What Thy’re Doing online? How Unsupervised Access to Internet Can Spell Disaster for Children, Parents

We all know how Internet can help us in daily lives: our work, education, entertainment – everything is dependent on Internet access. But unsupervised Internet access to children can be disastrous not only for them but to their parents as well. Recently, the case of Albanian children came into spotlight as a perfect scenario how […]

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