Protecting Daddy’s Little Girl : A Dad’s Gotta Do What a Dad’s Gotta Do!

Feb 7, 2016 | Parenting Teens

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Dads often don’t get to be in the spotlight when it comes to parenting and find it hard to compete with the mothers who mostly get all the credit for bringing children up. Dads find it hard to express their love for their kids as openly as moms but when it comes to their daddy’s little girl, they can be overprotective, pretty overprotective, I’d say.

‘You Don’t Mess With My Daughter’


Daddies would do anything for their little princess from enjoying a little tea party with her to letting her paint their toe nails. And when their daughters grow up, things can get a little complicated. Fathers get a pretty tough time when their little princess grows up into her preteens and teens. Her newly found interest in lip glosses, heels and dressing up scares the night off their nights. And when it comes to going out with boys, dads can lose it all. They suddenly become the most overprotective parents overnight and silently mean to say to all the boys their daughters fancy, “You don’t mess with my daughter”. Here are a few dads who took it a little too far:

‘Rule 1: You Can’t!’

This Dad is Lenient with the Rules; Kind of!

This Dad gets it Straight

This Dad Photobombing her Daughter’s Prom Photo

This Dad Makes it Clear Since Her Birth

There are Dad who’re Anti-Gun Control

But Seriously, Protecting Your Teen Daughter Does Matters!

If you think about it, a dad’s worry is not all that displaced. A dad’s gotta do what a dad’s gotta do: protect his daughter. With teens getting too active on dating apps these days, you need to be even more protective and alert. Parents need to know who their teens are going out with. Girls are at even higher risk of getting abused and harassed on their dates or falling for online impostors. But being overprotective is not enough, parents must have reliable parental monitoring app so that you actually stay posted about your teen’s online behavior and whereabouts.

So as your little girl goes out on her first date, here are a few things you could do to make sure she stays safe:

Parental Controls – There’s an App for That!

Get a parental control app and install it on your and your daughter’s smartphone. It’s always best to discuss it out with her in advance why you want to go for it and what it’s for. Win over her trust and it will work best for you.

Talk about the Risks

You need to open up to her and talk about the possible threats and risks. If she hears it from you and not her mom, it will give her the sense of protection and confidence. Let her know that if she feels unsafe or uncomfortable at any point, she must not hesitate to walk away or seek help.

Tell Her You’re Always Reachable

It’s the best reassurance for your little girls that her daddy is always within reach if needs be. So tell her that she can send your panic alert from her phone using the app the instant she feels uncomfortable. You will instantly get her location details and can be there within minutes.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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