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5 Things Your Teens Wish You’d Never Do!

Change is a strange part of life. We all need change sometimes: a change in environment, job, wardrobe, eating habits, even friends. But sometimes, we just want to cling onto time and never let it change. We don’t want to grow old, we don’t want our safe, predictable world to change beyond our understanding. But […]

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Are You a Helicopter Parent? Part II

Hovering too much? This is what we discussed in our previous blog. We discussed some classic symptoms of a helicopter parent and talked about how it can affect tweens and teens. But in this post, we will talk about how you can avoid being a helipad or a helicopter parent. Take a Fresh Start Take […]

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Let’s Talk About Birds and Bees, Shall We?

If nature were tech-savvy, kids would have come with built-in RAM programmed with all the essential information on human anatomy. But this is not the case. Nature is conservative and so the story is quite different. ‘Where do babies come from’ is a question you must be prepared to answer as soon as no. 2 […]

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