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Win Your Teen’s Consent: Talk To Your Teen About Parental Monitoring Apps

Nothing will destroy your teen’s trust in you more than monitoring them without their consent. Being a teen parent, you would have the first experience that teens, see themselves more as adults than kids, and any breach of their “privacy” can highly offend them. If you are considering using phone monitoring apps for your peace of mind, […]

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How much should you respect your teen’s privacy?

Teenage years —verge of transition into adulthood along with the carefree and emotional childhood years. It is a rocky and wonderful time for both parents and teens. Parenting teens is like riding a roller coaster of emotions and responsibilities. Just when you think parenting will get easier, your cute happy babies have transformed into awkward, […]

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Let’s Talk About Birds and Bees, Shall We?

If nature were tech-savvy, kids would have come with built-in RAM programmed with all the essential information on human anatomy. But this is not the case. Nature is conservative and so the story is quite different. ‘Where do babies come from’ is a question you must be prepared to answer as soon as no. 2 […]

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