Let’s Talk About Birds and Bees, Shall We?

Apr 10, 2015 | Parenting 101


If nature were tech-savvy, kids would have come with built-in RAM programmed with all the essential information on human anatomy. But this is not the case. Nature is conservative and so the story is quite different. ‘Where do babies come from’ is a question you must be prepared to answer as soon as no. 2 gets on the way!

The question can come your way anytime! And the curiosity doesn’t stop at that. There would be a steady stream of awkward questions coming your way unless you choose to firmly respond it with iron silence or that super-deadly glare of yours. But such kind of reaction could spell disaster for your child’s personality. It’s all but natural so you need to respond that in a casual manner.

Let it come from you

Even if you choose not to answer their increasing curious questions about sexuality and human biology and give selective exposure to them; your kids are still going to get to know about it and it might be flawed and inappropriate, coming from a source you wouldn’t approve of. But there won’t be much you’d be able to do about it then.

So the better way out is to address their questions in a way that isn’t awkward; you certainly don’t want to sound as if what you’re going to tell this is wrong or shameful.

They might know more than you think they do

Don’t underestimate their observation and access to information. Your kids might already know quite a lot; after all they mingle with their friends and kids talk! So when you finally think it’s time for that heart talk, don’t get surprised if they already know a lot! Keep it simple and don’t certainly overload them with too much information. Remember: it’s not going to be a one-time sitting; you need to bring the subject over and over never telling too much in one sitting.

Communicate and connect with them

In the end, what really counts is your relation with your children. Communicate with them more openly and let them have the surety that they can discuss anything with you- anything at all! It does need more guts when your daughter will come up to you and talk about this guy she fancies at school. But you need to curb that daddy impulse and be interested in what she wants to say.

If you want to be in the loop, you could rather rely on some digital parental controls. There are certain parenting apps that basically connect you to your kids via cell phones. You could keep a check on their phone logs and can have a one-on-one convo with them, too.

After all, it’s all a game of staying in touch with your children and letting them know that they can share anything with you. Talk to them freely so they could grow in a healthy environment taking sensible decisions in life!

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