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Cyberbullying Toolkit for Children - An Effective Guide to Help Them Deal with It

Cyberbullying Toolkit for Children – An Effective Guide to Help Them Deal with It

While social media has made communication more efficient, it has also paved the way for problems like cyberbullying. Such issues often have drastic consequences and leave a lasting impact on young minds. Therefore, providing a cyberbullying toolkit for children to help them effectively deal with its negative influences is the need of the hour. So, […]

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Social Media Side Affects on Teens

Social Media Side Effects on Teens

As individuals, we may think of social media as a fun way to stay associated with friends and relatives, many of whom we’ve lost track of for a long time. Social networking can become even more for teenagers and pre-teens: profile pages and regular posts turn into a place to be celebrated or shamed, leaving […]

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Convincing Kids to Be On Your Team – Making Most Out of FamilyTime Parental Controls

Have you been thinking about setting up parental controls on your kids’ devices but the problem is they are not cooperating? Well, it is natural for kids, especially teenagers, to decline parental monitoring. They are at an age where they want to enjoy their independence and privacy, make decisions on their own and try out […]

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Ahoy Parents! Look What Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Are Up To: An Internet Security Team!

You heard that right! Digital surveillance is used in the Jolie and Pitt household as well! The stars have a security team to monitor and control their kids’ online activity. They say that they are not very tech savvy but, their kids are.  They know the dangers that kids can face online and that is […]

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