Parenting 101: Sexting Can Come Back To You! Know What to Do

Aug 4, 2016 | Parental Controls, Parenting 101


When I say sexting can come back to you I mean it like a speedboat at full throttle; splashing water everywhere and crushing everything that comes in the way. Yes, as immoral sexting itself is, it can have even worse effects.

Unfortunately, it is becoming a norm for teens. 4% kids between the ages of 12-17 are involved in sexting and 15% have received explicit texts from others. Now these stats call for the need to tell you how is sexting harmful for your kids and how can it affect their future lives. Even if done for fun or a one-time thing just to experience the high of it, it can prove damaging.

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How Can It Reciprocate?

There are four ways sexting can haunt kids for life and make them mentally ill:

Passed Around

Once a message is sent, it can be used in any way by anyone. A nude sent to their partner or a text containing flirty talk can easily be forwarded; passed around like candy for everyone to have a taste. Nobody wants to become the hot topic of gossip among their peers at school or work.

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The bullies have no reins. They can use sensitive information and twist it in whatever way they want to hurt others. They use the sexting material for embarrassing, body shaming and spreading hate.

Digital Footprint

What you do on the internet or what is done to you on the internet stays there forever. It is like a tough stain that just won’t go. Bosses can find about the gossip over social media and partners can know about the nude your child sent as a teen resulting in bad consequences.


The worst outcome of all this is falling into the dark pit called depression. Kids can end up wallowing in humiliation and shame. It shatters their self-esteem, leaving them in despair.

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Prevent It When There’s Still Time

Those facts are distressing which is why you need to start taking precautions right away. If you have teenagers at your house or even tweens with phones, take up text messages monitoring to know if they are doing anything like that. FamilyTime has this brilliant SMS tracking feature that lets you access and monitors the texts. You can read them and spot sexting slang. Look for any hateful words or embarrassing remarks. See if anyone is threatening your child. If they are having any personal problems or if someone is forcing them to send sexually suggestive texts.

Text message monitoring is pretty easy to setup and even easier to use. You can check our detailed guide to see how to get started step-wise.

How to Setup / Use Text Message Monitoring

Don’t invite ghosts to haunt your child later!

Sexting is really like a ghost that can disturb your child for life and you don’t want that to happen to your kids.

So, stand up against sexting and nip it before it comes back as a full-blown problem! Start SMS monitoring with FamilyTime today. Stay safe!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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