Some Tips to Get FamilyTime Work Best for You and Your Family!

Mar 27, 2015 | Parenting 101

Hey there, we believe you already have or have made up your mind about getting FamilyTime. You know that FamilyTime is all about making family time all the more fun and making your bond stronger with your loved ones. But hang on! We’d like you read this before you go on installing the app on your phone. This post is about the stuff you should discuss with your family to make the most of FamilyTime!

Trust comes first

FamilyTime is not a hidden app and there is nothing sneaky about it. There is no way you can hide it from your children and there is no way you could make the app uninstallable. We acknowledge that you and your family share the bond of trust and we strive to keep it up, nevertheless!

We, at FamilyTime, are committed to winning your trust and maintain it throughout. And that’s why we take your privacy very seriously. Your data is safe with us and there is no way it can get leaked, ever. We assume that you have given a close read to our Privacy Policy.

Discuss the stakes

It’s very important that you discuss the stakes with your children before using FamilyTime. Discuss why you feel it important to use the app and what for. As parents are embracing digital wisdom, teens are also warming up to the idea that they need to be monitored reasonably. You could consider having a heart talk with them as you finish your dinner that although you trust your children but still you’d like to be kept in the loop.

Discuss with them the challenges teens have to face today and how sometimes their seemingly small, spontaneous, actions could later haunt them. It could be a good idea to discuss the dangers of sharing private pictures with others online and sharing others’ pictures with others without taking the responsibility attached. You need to tell them that their digital lifestyle needs to be managed and that you’re going to be there helping them rather than simply snooping on them.

Get them on board

FamilyTime is not a one-way; it’s a team effort. It will work best only when your kids understand that you are monitoring them for their good and that they won’t have to explain everything they write, say or view. You need to loosen up and learn how kids behave and what counts as okay. One good way is to come up with rules and making sure that your children agree to them. If your children know the do’s and the don’ts; it will work well. But make sure that your kids have their due say in the rules or else they might come up with ways to get away with breaking rules.

So go ahead and take your family into confidence and start FamilyTime! Get the good times rolling and always get to be there when your loved one need you the most!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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