Six New Year Parenting Resolutions That You Actually Want To Take Up!

Jan 17, 2017 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting 101

As 2017 is approaching have you thought about your resolutions yet? Take some time out to reflect upon what went right and what stressed you out this past year. Kids grow fast and parents have to keep evolving with them too. They have to strike a balance between being parents, working and managing the household.

We have compiled some resolutions that you can take up this year. These are no major goals that add to the stress, but simple pieces of advice. With a little change in the attitude, routine and priorities you can make your life less stressful. You can care for yourself, be cool parents and at the same time teach family togetherness to your kids.

Talk More

In this world of technology, we often find ourselves texting and emailing whereas the actual conversation goes down to zero. Start talking more with your kids, on the dining table, in the living or before tucking them in. Just talk. Ask them about their day, tell about yours. It really helps in unwinding and kids can be really good therapists at times! Plus, kids need you too.

Make a Meal

You may not be able to do it during the week but the whole family can cook together on the weekends. Just put your kids to work. Bake or cook a full dinner, whatever makes you happy. It makes up a lot of family time and is a sweet way to have home cooked food.

Get Out Of the House

Go outside. Whether you go for a walk, play in the playground, hike, run or explore the woods. Just get moving. This is an awesome way to increase kids’ physical activity and release your own negative energy as well.

No-Device Zones

Declare some areas in your house as “no device” zones. Preferably the living room, bedrooms, and the dining table. This goes for both the parents and the kids. As you do this, you will notice that you naturally talk more, live in the present and don’t care about what’s happening in the social media. You can keep the smartphones away with the help of FamilyTime Android and iOS screen time control.

Start Monitoring

This is a must have for every parent. I often find parents stressing over their kids’ online safety. Digital monitoring helps you keep a track of their activity and restrict unsafe things. It keeps you in the loop everywhere you go and you don’t have to worry about them. Use FamilyTime monitoring tools for text messages, browser history, location tracking, Geofence and mobile apps and get smarter this year.

Take It Easy

As Michelle Monaghan says – Stop being hard on yourself! For starters, don’t stress yourself about the resolutions. If you forget to do something, do it the next day. Instead of taking it as a rule, take it as fun, something that makes you happy. There will be times where things become heavy, just cuddle with your kids, go on a date with your partner or read a book alone. Spend some time with yourself and remember that you are good enough.

These simple changes in the lifestyle would make your life simpler, safer and easier. You can not only ace parenting but have time for yourself as well. So this year, take on the challenge of living healthier both digitally and non-digitally. Don’t forget to go easy on yourself!

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