Side Effects of Social Sites & the Role of Android Parental Controls

May 12, 2022 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens

Most parents are worried about how tech penetration could impact children’s growth. Our adolescents are learning new social and intellectual skills profoundly, and we don’t want the hours spent on the iPad to interrupt that. Social networking is a rapidly evolving medium for younger people to connect, share themselves, and exchange content of all types. It also has resulted in a new global trend that pushes tech, while transforming the way people socialize. Social media can be a double knife as a weapon. Although it has many rewards, it can also have an unhealthful effect on youth.

Elevates Addiction

Addiction to anything is harmful in plenty of ways. When children see their photos and likes coming on them, they become very excited. The urge to see themselves on social sites increases gradually and they get addicted to it. The vulnerability of teens is quite evident at this age. They hereby can get influenced by anyone on social media that can harm them. 

Sleep-deprived & Depression 

The fear of missing out on something on social media can make your child sleep deprived. Due to that, kids stay awake till late at night and remain active on social media. Which affects their young minds badly and make them an insomniac. An American study tells that a kid using social media 5 hours a day tends to get more depressed than a kid spending less than 2 hours a day. 

Identity Theft Chances & Cyberbullying

Every parent wants their children to be safe from cyberbullying as it shatters the confidence of the kid and affects mental health horribly. There are more chances of being a victim of cyberbullying and identity theft on social media as kids get to interact with a lot of people. By using a trustworthy parental control app on your smartphone, you can eliminate the chance of cyberbullying and identity theft of your child.

How Can Parents Ensure Kids Be Reasonable on Social Media?

Parents try to make it possible for children to cope with bad circumstances while urging them to abstain from them in the first case. So here’s how parents should be smart about their children using social media:

  • Oversee their online practices, so you can show them how to defend themselves from cybercriminals and predators.
  • Motivate the adolescents to participate in more real-life contact with people than on networking sites. They need to be shown the value of investing more time in real-life friendships and hobbies.
  • Advise them to use social media sites productively to boost their learning, or to work with those who have common interests.
  • Join your social media platform so you can be more mindful of how it functions. If possible, connect them to the web so that you can see their posts.
  • Stress the contrast between social networks and real life.

As for all kinds of things, social media can be used reasonably to keep in contact with occasions and events. Problems start with unnecessary indulgence. Install a suitable parental control app like FamilyTime on your phone to keep an eye on their social media activities regularly. 

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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