Parenting 101: Do’s and Don’ts of raising teens

Aug 16, 2015 | Parenting 101


Parenting is not about loving your children and meeting their every needs only. It also means knowing when to out your foot down and when not to. You might at times feel bad about it, but keep in mind that it is for your child’s own good. While many parents are clear on their parenting rules, they might get an unnecessarily strict or lenient. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts  of parenting a teenager, you should exercise in everyday life:

Do’s of Parenting Teens:

  • Do listen to them. Many teenagers feel that their parents don’t listen to them with their desired attention. So listen to them with all your ears and instead of telling them what to do, take their opinion. Pay heed to what they feel and what they want they want to do.
  • Do trust them. Your trust can help your teens find their place in this world. Trust your teens to let them learn from their own mistakes. Believe in their abilities so that they figure things out on their own. Despite the fact that they screw up at times, the feeling that you trust them will give them great motivation in life.
  • Do spend time with your kids. Find out ways to enjoy spending time with your teen i.e. lunch, basketball match, a picnic, etc. Show them that you are interested in their life and activities. This way you can strengthen your bond with them and have some fun.
  • Do apologize if you are wrong. Being a parent doesn’t mean, you are right always. If at times you are proven wrong, willingly apologize to them. This will encourage the same behavior in them, i.e. accepting mistakes and apologizing.
  • Do keep all doors of communication open. Communication is an essential part of the parent – teen relationship. They are going through a confusing time, they would have so many questions which need answers. Be the one they come and ask for advice.

Don’ts of Parenting Teens:

  • Don’t feel guilty when you have to say no. Think about the issue good and hard, if you don’t feel there is room for flexibility simply say no. It is an essential part of parenting.
  • Don’t be authoritative and over protective. Many teens want their parents to know that being over protective is not being caring, instead, they take it as a passive type of control. So rather than being authoritative to control them, warn them about the consequences of their actions and if they don’t listen to you, let them learn from their own mistakes.
  • Don’t accept disrespect. No matter how friendly a parent you are, don’t accept your kids’ disrespectful behavior. They should know the limit where friendliness ends and disrespect starts.
  • Don’t Avoiding criticism uplifts a child’s self-esteem and helps them being motivated and happy. If your child repeats a bad behavior, try to ignore it. If it continues, calmly explain to them why their behavior is not okay, and remind them of how they should act.
  • Don’t try to change them. Nobody likes to be changed or molded especially during teenage. If you stress too hared in shaping their personality, they may feel insecure and awkward about themselves. Love them the way they are, they are perfect in their own way. Your unconditional love in crucial for them.

Raise Your Teens the Right Way!

There are no hard and fast rules to parenting. You, like every parent have your own principles and rules, but there are some basic things all parents should keep in mind. Try to practice all these, and keep an eye on their online and offline activities with parental monitoring apps to ensure their safety. Give them the space to develop their own personality and love them unconditionally. They are counting on you to do so!

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