Parenting 101: AAP’s Guidelines on Kids and Screen Time!

Nov 3, 2015 | Parenting 101


Since long, there has been a debate going on about what should be the screen time for kids, how parents can set these limits and much more. The debate made its place because of the rising concerns of parents about kids’ tech addiction and all. We have also written blogs about how limiting the screen time can help, but now we have brought the AAP’s expert opinion on board. AAP – The American Academy of Pediatrics recently published the guidelines for parents to manage their kids’ screen time. For you, here we have jotted down five of those guidelines that you can use:

1. Be a Role Model

Kids follow you. They don’t listen to what you say. So if you want your kids to limit their screen time, you will have to cut down yours as well. Try to spend time with them rather than staying with technology all the time. This will help kids idealize you and make them follow you on your footsteps willingly.

2. Get Involved

To make your kid use the screen time appropriately, you need to get involved in what they see and what they do. If they watch movies, be with them; if they play games, participate!

3. Know their Screen Use and Prioritize

It is more important to know how your kids use their screen time; what content they consume rather than knowing the platforms they spend time on. “Prioritize how your child spends his time rather than just setting a timer.”

4. Make Tech-free Zones

Keep your kids’ devices away from the dining table, study room and kids’ bedroom overnight. Creating the tech-free zones will help you set limits and make they follow without hassle.

5. It’s OK for your Teen to be Online

AAP says, “Online relationships are integral to adolescent development. Social media can support identity formation. Teach your teen appropriate behaviors that apply in both the real and online worlds. Ask teens to demonstrate what they are doing online to help you understand both content and context.”

Along with these guidelines, parents can make use of parental control apps to manage their screen time and set appropriate limits. Using the app, they can handily put a lock ion their kids’ devices and restrict the access.

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