Parenting 101: 4 Incredible Ideas To Develop Healthy Habits In Your Kids!

Sep 14, 2015 | Parenting 101


Teenagers live their lives in a smartphone! Ask teens about their habits and rarely would one of them reply outside of their digital world i.e Tweeting, Facebooking, gaming, snapchating etc. Talk about their source of entertainment and again they will mention the internet, smartphone or any other electronic device they use. Teens are so engraved in their phone that rarely do they take out time for any other activity.

Having a good know-how of technology is not bad. However, it becomes worse when they give-up everything just to stick to their cell phone. Excessive use of these devices can lead them to technology addiction, which is the hub of teen psychological problems. If your kid is too much into technology and does not involve himself in the other activities, you really need to realize the situation and take appropriate steps to help them develop healthy habits. Here are 4 incredible ideas that can help you in this:

1. Plan a fun trip:

Trips are one good way to bring your kids out of their mini digital world. These provide you ample time with family to play games such as football, basketball, baseball, cricket etc. You can go on hikes too. Try anything that helps you spend time together in a healthy activity outside. Planning trips with your kids or involving them in sports not only helps transfuse a healthy lifestyle, but it also helps them develop coordination and important social skills they can’t learn on their smartphones. Teaching your children the joys of sports early can help them find their talents and teach them to appreciate exercise as a form of fun, not something to be abhorred.

2. Encourage them to participate:

Start an activity on your own and ask them to participate. You can start with a book reading or watching some intriguing movie and at the end, ask for their understanding. Other than these, involve them in normal household chores say buying grocery, gardening, keeping up the house, and making decisions. To help them learn to make the right choices for the family. This can help them understand everything that goes into creating a positive atmosphere.

3. Reduce their screen time:

Try to reduce their screen time. Set a schedule for them when they can use their devices and ask them to follow. Give them some time to get on to the schedule, but if after a few weeks, they don’t stick to the schedule, take control over their device. You can use parental control apps to remotely lock their device anytime you want.

4. Use Positive reinforcement:

Have you ever heard about reinforcement? The idea of positive reinforcement is to motivate a behavior in a certain way that the likelihood of it appearing again increases shape and develop healthy habits in your kids. You can this technique too. Whenever you find your kid involved in a healthy activity, appreciate and accompany them, so that they not only get motivated but take an interest because of your involvement.

Lead By Example!

One great way to instill healthy habits in your kids is set an example for them by leading the life you want them to spend.  Kids are constantly picking up on your lifestyle. They see you as role models whose habits should be taken after. Make sure that you are active, healthy, and also explore activities, socializing, and other interests outside of work.

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