On Cyberbullying, Teen Depression and the Need of Parental Involvement

Aug 17, 2016 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting 101


Who knew that freedom of speech would be used to convey hate and simple sharing would become a live wire for gossip to spread around. Kids would be traumatized. We don’t want to think about it because either it is too upsetting or we think it can’t happen to us. Well, the bitter reality is that any kid can become a target of cyberbullying!

Social media and easy access to the internet has increased it two-fold. The stats of the kids suffering from bullying are horrifying. The percentage was 18.8% in May 2007 and it increased to 34% by February 2015. These are those cases that come forward in the survey. There are many cases which never get reported. The American Academy of Pediatrics, July 16’ issue, published guidelines for pediatricians to screen teens and kids for suicide and stated cyberbullying as one of the major causes of suicide. This is a warning bell for parents that cyberbullying is the number one threat these days.

Depression and Suicide

How much have you wanted to never show your college party pictures to anyone? Imagine if someone took them and displayed for everyone to see. That is exactly what happens on the internet. Sensitive information and embarrassing pictures are posted to humiliate others. They are quickly shared around escalating the shame. Anyone would feel bad upon called a “loser”, “whore”, “you look awful”, “Kill yourself” etc. so naturally an incessant expression of hate and criticism leads to depression, self-pity, self- harm and suicidal thoughts. It is a personal bogeyman that follows them everywhere. They don’t find any refuge, not even at home.


Parental Check

It is vital for parents to get more involved in their children’s lives. Experts advise discussion and constant supervision. FamilyTime has different ways to keep a check on your kids.

Mobile Applications

You know about all the apps that encourage kids for sexting and talking to people anonymously, but you don’t know what to do about it. Worry not, with FamilyTime you can see all the installed applications in their devices and block the unsafe ones. You can also get alerts on the blacklisted apps.

Click here to know how to block apps.

Screen Time

Excessive use of these devices is also a reason for depression. If you see your kids constantly using their phones, you can remotely lock their phones to reduce their screen time. You can schedule multiple breaks throughout the day. Just tell FamilyTime app and it will do it for you.

Limit screen time guidelines for iOS

Limit screen time guidelines for Android


Keeping a check on their activity is useful for detecting any signs of cyberbullying. You can passively do that without having to take their phones or snoop around. It would help stay aware of what’s happening in their lives.

You can track the following:

  • Calls and contacts
  • Text messages – click here for guidelines
  • Internet history
  • Bookmarks

Be There For Them!

The best way to save anyone from depression is to be there for them. A great tactic to stay involved in their lives is by monitoring their activity. They don’t like interference. So instead of snooping, stay posted by using FamilyTime as your personal assistant. Support your kids as much as you can and we are always here to support you.


FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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