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Feb 29, 2016 | Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS, Parenting Tips and advices

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Smartphone has changed the ways we think, communicate, work and shop. It has just changed the outlook of the world we live in. Motherhood is no exception – smartphones have changed the modern motherhood, too. Today’s mom probably checks her phone the first thing in the morning. The very dynamics of motherhood have but changed- thanks to this 5-inch screened gadget!

The Mobile Mom – Some Cool Facts

To the modern mom, smartphone is the integral part of life. Take a look at this infographic:

Now this is pretty awesome! The modern mom uses smartphone to manage more than just family schedule. She uses smartphone as a remote-control of her life! As the stats indicate:

The Mobile Guilt – Time to Let it Go!

Naturally, some mothers feel guilty for using mobile phones and feel they should spend that time with their families. Today’s mom is using her smartphone for reasons other than texting and calling. She is using her phone:

  • Research ways to better manage family and enjoy family time
  • Manage and monitor health and fitness
  • Online social networking
  • Shopping
  • Read books and magazines
  • Manage and monitor children
  • Respond to emails

The Smartphone Mom – How to Make Parenting Easy

Gone are the days when moms would secretly worry about how their kids do in the absence and who they befriend. Now you have the power of a smartphone and with the right apps, you can harness the potential and make it work for you!


Whether you are a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, you can always keep a check on your kids using your smartphone.  FamilyTime parental control app is all about making parenting easy and fun. Now you don’t have to eavesdrop on them, check their rooms for clues or call them every 30 minutes. You can do all this and much more using the FamilyTime parenting app. Here is how:

FamilyTime offers the best features that can help you:

  • Check their phone calls
  • View their contacts
  • Track their Internet history
  • View all installed apps on their phone
  • Track their location history
  • Block certain apps
  • Limit screen time during bedtime, homework and dinner times.
  • Geo-fence places you want to be notified when they visit those.
  • Watchlist contacts and get notified when your kids contact them.

So why feel guilty for relying too much on your smartphone and worrying about the adult screen time when you and use the smartphone to manage your family life better? You can collaborate with your spouse to share parenting responsibilities. FamilyTime is right there for you so make a smart choice and become a Modern Mobile Mom!


FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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