Instagram May Not be as Innocent as it Seems! What Parents Need to Know

Jul 4, 2016 | Parental Controls, Parenting Tips and advices

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When was the last time you took a photo and shared it with your friends? Umm 5 minutes ago?  Well, you are not alone, we all do that! This new world is all about taking pictures and sharing them. And why not, they convey the idea aptly, build a connection and are easy on the eyes! Our kids are growing up in a world of photos as well. They get exposed to cameras and pictures from the moment they are born and they do the same. Had a yummy meal last night – snap it, read an inspiring book -take a picture, discovered a fun new place – hey don’t forget to take a picture!

They Like To Share Them!

The fun is not complete without sharing them with the world. The world may just be your family and friends or actually the whole world. Instagraming is one of the new ways. It allows the kids to share their interests, likes, and dislikes. Whether you are a photography geek or not you are allowed to flaunt your photography.

What’s Not So Innocent about It?

There are several pointers that are questionable about Instagram and teens using it. You might want to know them and also add it to your checklist.

  • Adult photos and videos.
  • Teens thriving hard to maintain a “good” body image.
  • Another place for bullying.
  • A way to give away location.

Adult Content

Didn’t think that way before, did you? There is adult content on Instagram, all your kid has to know is the right search words or hashtags. More shockingly there are dedicated accounts that post nude photos and videos and are basically call centers for such activities.

Mean Comments and Bullying

One more thing to take into account is the selfies. Apparently, there is nothing bad about it but what you don’t know is it can be a source of depression for kids. One bad comment saying they are fat or ugly and they would beat themselves out or go on a diet to get the perfect body. It also makes it a great place for bullying, to post embarrassing photos or say nasty things about you.


Another sneaky feature which most of us don’t realize is the photomap which is created by the check-ins or from the place where they are uploaded. Your location is there on your profile and well after that, it isn’t very difficult to track you- the predators may say!

Here Is What You Can Do!

It got a little scary, didn’t it? Don’t be so horrified because luckily you can do something about it.

Talk, Talk and Talk

Talking isn’t over-rated. I actually helps. Talk to your kids about what dangers they can face if they share their photos online. Appreciate them so they don’t feel the need to be appreciated by others. Tell them not share their location publicly.

Follow Them

It is good for you to make your own Insta account and follow your kids. This is a neat way to keep a check on their Instagram activity.

Make Those Accounts Private

If your kids have personal accounts, teach them to keep it private and share the photos with trusted contacts. They can have other public accounts in which they don’t post personal photos.

It’s Always Best to Use Parental Controls

When parental control software is there then why not use it? Apps like FamilyTime help you to get a better insight into your kid’s activities. You can see their web history and check what kind of content they are seeing. You can browse the installed apps and block them permanently. Moreover, you can locate their movement throughout the day and get alerts as well.

So next time you see your teens Instagraming, sit them down and discuss about the downside of it. Better still, use some quality parental controls and be on the lookout!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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