Independence Day- An Event To Celebrate Freedom

Jul 1, 2020 | Parental Controls, Parental Controls for Android, Parental Controls for iOS

Freedom is an important part of our life. It is essential at the individual level and at the country level. In both cases, sacrifices are made to get freedom. It should not be taken as granted because our ancestors have compromised and even lost their lives to achieve freedom. The 4th of July is Independence Day of the United States of America. It will be a day full of joy, pride, and happiness. We want to wish all the Americans a very “Happy Independence Day”.

There will be events and parades all over the countries to remember all the heroes and people who played an important role in bringing the US on the world map. It is definitely an event once in a year that is celebrated with full joy and pride. To make the celebration more exciting, we are going to 30% Off on FamilyTime Premium Features. Get the app today to keep a proper check on your kids.

Want to know about the key features of the FamilyTime app? Below are the details you need to know:

1-Internet Scheduling

Today children are very much dependent on the internet for various tasks. They use it for help in homework, play games, use social media apps, and much more. If you want to restrict the use of the internet on your children’s devices, then internet scheduling is the feature you need. Parents will get the freedom to set the time and date in which their children can use the internet.

2-App Blocker

One of the greatest worries in the mind of parents is the harmful apps their kid might use on their digital devices. Parents want to keep their children away from such apps. For this, you can use the FamilyTime app blocker to block all the inappropriate apps on your children’s devices. Simply add them on the blocklist to restrict access.

3-Internet Filtering

Not all the content online is appropriate for your kids. It is essential for parents to keep an eye on the content kids are watching on their devices. If you want to take full control in your hands, then simply block all the inappropriate websites using the internet filter feature of the FamilyTime app.

4-Limit Screen Time

Parents can easily control the use of apps by the children on their digital devices. Parents can set up dinner time, study time, or can block certain apps to stop your children from using the device. Parents can also set other custom rules according to their convenience.

5-Location History

Sometimes, children visit the place and hide the details from the parents. But parents can learn all about the details of places visited by their children with the help of our best parental control app.

6-Geo-Fence Places

Children like to go out of the house and hang out with their friends. As a parent, if you want to track the movement of your children when they are out of the house or on a trip of school, you can easily geo-fence the places.

7-Check-In and Check-Out Notifications

Want to know whether your children visited a place you have geo-fenced or not? It is very simple. As soon your children will enter or leave that place, parents will get the instant check-in and check-out notification on your device.

8-Text Message Monitoring

Eager to know who your children send and from whom your child receives a message? This can be remotely monitored using text message monitoring. Parents will be able to see the name of a person, timestamps, and contact details.

9-SOS/Panic Button

Emergency situation! Children don’t have to worry when they have the FamilyTime app. Children have to press a single button and the parents will receive an instant notification with the location of children on their mobile.

10-Call History

Parents can easily know about the details of calls made by the children from their mobile. You can get the name of a person, call duration, and timestamps.

These are some of the great features from the long list. The app is made with one thing in mind and that is the proper monitoring and security of your child. With the app, parents don’t have to worry about their children when they will be going to have some fun or even on parade on Independence Day with their friends. You can easily keep track of their location with the FamilyTime parental control app.

Once again, Happy Independence Day To All!

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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