How Your Child Learnt Disrespect and How to Teach Them Respect

Mar 17, 2022 | Parenting Advice, Parenting Teens

How Your Child Learnt Disrespect and How to Teach Them Respect

It is easy in the fast lifestyle of contemporary times to get lost in menial tasks and leave your child alone with their electronic devices and an internet connection for hours on end. Not to blame the parent though, since they too have a life of their own and important tasks they must attend to.

Business Out of Content Glitches

It however can be the root of various problems in the long run as we now know. Nowadays, the digital media itself has made more business out of pointing out the mistakes and blips in digital media content than it had initially scored through the original content itself.

In such a time, people become more aware of content glitches and start to pay more attention to what they see on television and across social media. 

Subtle Patterns

Due to this newfound awareness, parents of the last generation began to notice patterns between the kind of characters displayed on television and their subtle influence on youngsters.

Content consumption became linked to behavioral patterns and studies were done to validate this theory. Sooner or later, the researchers were bound to find evidence of this hypothesized relationship is positive. 

Once the relationship was established, the next step was to begin problem-solving.

At the onset of looking for solutions, there might have been plenty of problems that surfaced which might have slowed down the process.

Parental Control Apps

Fast forward a few years and in the modern-day, we have parental apps to take care of our child’s digital safety where we struggle to. Not only do they ensure safety, but also allow parents and caretakers to monitor and control the content that the children under their care have access to.

Impressionable Minds

There is a huge reason why one should at least keep an eye on the content consumption of children and teens. One major reason among many others is that their brains are still in the process of development, which makes them highly impressionable.

In recent times, even if someone is not fully aware of the wonders of one’s mind, they tend to at the very least have a hint of how their mind controls the rest of their body and occasionally impacts some of their life circumstances.

Behavioral Reflections 

With that in mind, our parents were on the right track with their analysis of the relationship between child content consumption and how the actions, as well as interactions of different characters portrayed in their favorite television shows, impacted their overall behavior patterns in general.

How to Stay Safe

What new parents can do about it is to make sure that the kind of shows and cartoons your children like to watch have characters that are respectful towards their parents and elders. Characters that portray good moral values such as honesty, sincerity, and truthfulness. 

Even if there are a few characters that do not display these desirable qualities, make sure the show contains some sort of lesson at the end. For example, if there is an ungrateful and insincere character, make sure they are shown to suffer adverse consequences for this type of attitude towards the end of the show or an episode. You get the point.

Try FamilyTime!

Now that content monitoring has been made super easy by some of the most competitive apps on the market such as FamilyTime, parents can sit back and relax for they can remotely just block the content they do not want their children exposed to, at a single tap.

FamilyTime as a parental control app has provided great luxury to parents and caregivers of young children and teenagers. It is available and can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.

FamilyTime helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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